Sunday, February 22, 2009

Being sick has some perks

So the only reason I've been able to post a bajillion posts this morning is because I've been sick. I got a 102 degree temperature last Friday night which broke yesterday around 1pm. Unfortunately it came back again last night until this morning. I think I sweat it all out during the night! I hate that. I don't really know why I had the fever. I didn't throw up and I don't have a cold or anything. I just suddenly got the fever and my body and head ached bad. Anyways, Matt has been SO incredible the whole time I've been sick. Poor guy had to take care of all three of us this weekend and prepare a talk for church this morning (I had to call the Bishop and ask him to get someone else to speak for me since I was sick). I even made him take Lukas to church with him so I could relax and get better. Hence the time I had to post so many pictures! YAY! Matt just got home from church and made lunch for us all. After we were done eating he was like "I'm soooo tired". I was like "well you can take a nap after you put Luke down for his nap" with a loving wink. haha. He then told me that he felt like I do everyday - being so tired with no sleep, taking care of a busy boy all day, etc. He then told me how much he appreciated all I do for our family! haha. I guess once he experiences it firsthand then he is reminded of his appreciation for me. I just want to tell him that I couldn't have done this weekend without him. Thanks babe for taking care of all of us. I know it was hard. You are the best! I love you!

Random Lydia Pics

Here's some pics of Lydia over the last 2 weeks. She changes everyday! Matt and I keep saying she gets cuter and cuter everyday, but we might be a little biased. ;) I just took the one of her smiling this morning. So cute! She is starting to "goo goo" and "ga ga". I love being a mom!

Lydia's first bath

Matt had the privilege of giving Lydia her first bath when she was 5 days old. She liked it at first and then it just got worse and worse. haha. She's a cutie.

Lydia's Baby Blessing

Lydia was blessed in church on Sunday Feb. 1st when she was just 2 weeks old. My mom made her beautiful baby blessing dress (Thank You so much mom - we love it) and we wanted to bless her while she was still in town. She was blessed:
- To have already been born in the covenant
- To have loving parents and friends
- To grow up healthy and strong physically
- To make wise choices
- To learn of Heavenly Father's love for her, and of her love for Him
A blessing was asked in behalf of her parents - that Heavenly Father will teach them wisdom to raise their daughter, Lydia, and to help her grow strong in the church.

It was a beautiful blessing. I am so grateful that Matt is worthy to hold the priesthood to bless our family in good times and bad. It is very comforting to know that whenever I feel I need a blessing I can go to my best friend and he has the power given to him through his dad on up to Christ to truly bless me or my children in the way that we need. Thank you honey for being worthy to be able to hold and exercise such a power to bless us and others. You are truly an example to me.

(We really wanted a full family picture with Lukas and one with just him and his little sis but he was too excited to go to nursery! After getting home he sadly refused to sit still long enough for us to take a pic.)

Break time for mommy = Fun time for Lukey

Ever since I've had baby Lydia everyone here has spoiled me! When my mom left (Lydia was already 3 weeks) the ward still decided to bring me meals every other night for 2 weeks. At first I told them it wasn't needed since so much time had passed....then my mom left...and the craziness began...and then i thought the ward meals were a FABULOUS idea! They were definitely much needed, so thank you guys! Not only have they brought me meals but my friends kept offering to watch Lukas for an afternoon so I could just have a break. I finally took my friend up on that offer - THANK YOU Christina! She took Lukas to the park with her baby boy Kale and our other friend Shelly and her 2 year old, Charlie. I stole these pics off of Shelly's blog because they were so darn cute. Lukey says thanks for the fun!

First Snow

Last winter we were in Utah where it snowed all the time. Luke was only a baby though and so he never got to enjoy it as kids do. This year he is old enough but we are not in Utah anymore and it doesn't snow very much here in PAX River, MD. Luckily it did end up snowing enough to stick for a while on Jan 27th. Here's some pics of Matt, Luke, and my mom enjoying the snow. We don't have snow boots for Luke so we got to put plastic bags over his shoes. haha. Matt and I were laughing because it brought back memories from both of our childhood. ;)

After all the time it took to get Lukey suited up to go outside I guess he got freaked you can see...

But then he seemed to be happy to know that it all wasn't for nothing.

My mom seemed to be having a ball as well.

Matt and Luke walking down the street.

Rewind to Christmas-time

I know this is a little strange to be talking about last Christmas when it is already February but I have to. I was just looking at Christmas pictures and videos and Luke is just so darn cute that I have to post some pics. Matt picked out Luke's big Christmas gift this year - a giant dinosaur tunnel/tent. Needless to say it was a HUGE hit with Lukas. We took a video (its too long to post) but Luke's face is awesome when he first sees it. The "WHOA"s coming out of his mouth were too cute! Lukas and his daddy have a lot of fun playing in the infamous dinosaur tent every now and again.

Lukas also got a parrot bath towel and a frog bib, bowl, and cup set from his Great Grandma LaRita. Thanks Gma!

He was also blessed to get a really cool band set from his Grandma and Grandpa Evans. As you can tell he loves it.

Matt was so excited to get an indo board from his mom and dad for Christmas this year. However, every time he even tries to get on it this is what normally ends up happening. ;)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad Evans!!!

Happy 31 years mom and dad! We hope you know how much we love you guys. We are so grateful to have parents like you who show us by example how much you love one another, your family, the Savior, and His gospel. Thanks for always being there for us. We hope you guys have a good Anniversary. You deserve it!