Friday, January 11, 2008

Christmas = lots of family and of course lots of fun

So Christmas vaca has come and gone and although I miss the holidays already I am super stoked for the new year! We began our Christmas break with my parents and 2 younger bros flying in on the 20th. They all stayed with us in our not so big 2 bedroom apartment. To make room we had to bring Lukas' crib into our room and then rented a queen size bed for my parents to sleep on. My lil' bros had to tough it out on the couch or on the floor in the front room, unless they slept over at my older bros' apartments. The last night my family was in town we were able to fit 9 1/2 people in this not even 800 sq. ft. apartment (the 1/2 person was Lukas :) )!!! Me, Matt, and Lukas were in Matt and my room; My mom and dad were in Lukas' room; and then Gil, Josh, my older bro Brad and his 2 kids, Brooklyn and Porter, all slept in the front room! It was so much fun to cram together! My older bro Brad and his two kids slept over (even though they live in Orem) because his wife Amy just had their third child on Monday, a new little girl whom they named Samantha. She is super cute and has tons of thick, black, curly hair. SO CUTE! Of course this proud aunt will post pictures of her cute niece soon!! ;)

So Matt's older Sis Sierra and her husband and 3 little boys drove up from Arizona on the 22nd and stayed with Matt's grandma Rita here in Provo. Then Matt's parents and his little sis and bro flew in on Christmas Eve and then aunts, uncles, and cousins came the day after Christmas. Matt had a blast going snowboarding with his family a couple times while they were here. Matt's little sister also got a WII for Christmas and when Matt's mom began boxing on it for the first time of course Matt whispers urgently to me to go get the camera. Here's a really cute video of my mother in law Gwynn boxing... sorry Gwynn Matt actually made me put this up ;).

Christmas was so much fun with both our families here! Matt's family was here a little over a week and my family was here for 2 1/2 weeks. SO FUN! I wish it didn't have to end. We didn't take many pics over the break but here is one that is kind of funny. The most interesting gift this Christmas was one that I gave to Matt because he wanted it so badly. The American Society of Civil Engineers 2008 bridge calendar! haha. Yes, that's right, a calendar that has different pics of bridges from all over the world. Who wouldn't want that?! I love my civil engineer!!