Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Officer Candidate School (OCS)

So Matt left last Saturday for Officer Candidate School in Newport, RI. For those of you who don't know, Matt is in the Navy Civil Engineering Corps. Since he just graduated college at the end of April he has to report to this Officer School for 12 weeks to be beaten physically and mentally before he can finally become an Officer in the United States Navy. I know, it sounds so fun, huh? He reported on Sunday morning and I haven't heard a word since about how he is doing. Its funny because I know the Lord will take care of him and I know we will see each other soon but it is still really hard to be here in California with him all the way over in Rhode Island! I hate being away from him....The only comforting thing is that we prayed and fasted about this choice to go into the Navy and I kid you not, the Spirit has testified to us multiple times that it is the thing for us to do. I love knowing that! But boy it is still hard to take care of Lukas and even myself without having Matty around. Thank goodness for my family though...I don't know what I would do without them!

Anyways, I just pray that he will be ok and pass every grueling test they put him through so he only has to be there for the minimum 12 weeks. yep that's right, he could fail a couple times and have to stay even longer......oh boy we won't even consider that happening! Knowing Matt though I highly doubt he will fail anything. :) But just in case if you wouldn't mind keeping him in your prayers we would really appreciate it! Thanks guys! Hey if anyone would like to send him a letter (please no packages with food or anything for that matter because they will do really mean things to him if he does get it) then just leave a comment saying you want his address and I will email it to you.

Well, I hope this time goes by quickly (even though it hasn't the past 3 days, haha) and isn't too hard for Matty...