Thursday, April 2, 2009


I haven't posted any stats of Lydia besides her birth ones so I think its about time to catch up on that. I haven't posted them because the military base clinic here doesn't print them out for you with the percentile of each. I guess they just don't like going above and beyond anything for you. Even though every other pediatrician office I know of does. Seems basic. The guy even gave me a weird look like he was being put off when I asked him to write down all of Lydia's stats from her last 3 dr's visits. Like HELLOOO dude isn't this your job?! Am I being crazy about this? Anywho, here's her stats. (oh yea and he didn't write down her head circumference even though I specifically asked for that too....grr).

1 week
weight: 7.4 lbs
height: 19.88 in
2 weeks:
weight: 8.4 lbs
height: 20.28 in

2 months:
weight: 12.6 lbs (90th percentile)
height: 22.44 in (50th percentile)
(oh yea and the dr just decided to add the percentiles for this last visit. weird. why don't you just do that EVERY visit please?)

I also asked for Lukas' 18 month stats since Matt had to take him since I had just had Lydia a few days earlier. The military (or maybe just dr's offices in general but this is the only one that doesn't like to convert them for me) likes to record all their stats in kg and cm...what a pain when they don't convert them for me when I specifically ask for them to. When the guy handed Luke's stats to me I saw that they were in kg and cm still and asked him to convert them for me. I got the paper back with what appeared to be his handwritten calculations. However, he seemed to get the cm to inches wrong since he said 84 cm = 21.6 inches. For some reason I don't think Luke is smaller than Lydia.... Ok poor guy I really shouldn't give him such a hard time. I really can't complain when I don't have to pay for a thing with the military insurance. ANyways, here's his stats.

Luke 18 months
weight: 29.5 lbs
height: 33.1 in

My little guys are growing up!

12 Blessed Hours

Last night Lydia slept 12 hours straight....HALLELUJAH! :) Actually the week before daylight savings time she was doing about the same thing. One night it was 9 hours, the next 12, the next 10 and again 12. Then daylight savings hit and she has been screwed up ever since. Ok I think she has also been growing a lot so she has been really hungry. But last night was AWESOME! 12 blessed hours! Although I was in a lot of pain in the morning, it was SOOO worth it ;). Here's what I attribute to my success.
This book was the best Christmas present I ever got! Matty gave it to me the Christmas before I had Luke. It worked like a charm on him and I'm happy to say it has also worked its miracle on Lydia as well. *Sigh* Its a wonderful life! (Knock on wood) ;)