Thursday, April 2, 2009

12 Blessed Hours

Last night Lydia slept 12 hours straight....HALLELUJAH! :) Actually the week before daylight savings time she was doing about the same thing. One night it was 9 hours, the next 12, the next 10 and again 12. Then daylight savings hit and she has been screwed up ever since. Ok I think she has also been growing a lot so she has been really hungry. But last night was AWESOME! 12 blessed hours! Although I was in a lot of pain in the morning, it was SOOO worth it ;). Here's what I attribute to my success.
This book was the best Christmas present I ever got! Matty gave it to me the Christmas before I had Luke. It worked like a charm on him and I'm happy to say it has also worked its miracle on Lydia as well. *Sigh* Its a wonderful life! (Knock on wood) ;)


Justin and Ashleigh Smith said...

Hurray for sleep! I remember the first time Ethan slept for like 10 hours straight and I was dying!! Im going to have to get this book for our future kids! Thanks for introducing it to us. It looks like your 2 little ones are growing super fast! Luke has Ethan beat by about 7 pounds!! Dont you just love the stage they are at?? I think its so much fun!

Brianna Lee said...

I'm ordering this!!!

tomandtris said...

I remember you let me borrow that book for a while after Lucy was born and it worked for her and pretty much saved me from going insane!! Just wanted to thank you again for that. Glad to hear that it is working for Lydia too! Saren hasn't been sleeping that great lately so maybe I'll try using some of the tips I remember from that book again to help her and all of us! I definitely recommend this book to anyone.