Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Luke's Army Crawl

So can anyone tell by how many posts I've made today that I'm trying to avoid writing my final paper that's due this Saturday??? I can't believe that Matt and I are graduating in one week! So exciting! Even though we both are sad to leave BYU. Oh by the way, we rented a baby graduation cap and gown for Lukas to wear during our graduation! haha, I will definitely post pics!

Anyways, the real reason for this post is the fact that last Sunday Matt was playing with Lukas before church and Lukas started doing a new trick, just for his daddy! He now does the army crawl...well, with a Luke twist. You have to see this video. Notice his head...

Isn't it so cute! I love the "dada" at the end. He certainly is a talker! Well, I thought that he would probably be doing that army crawl for a long time before anything else happened but then today (Tuesday) he started going up on his knees for a little bit. He also doesn't throw his head from side to side anymore (like in the video) to inch along. He now pulls both his knees up a little and then pushes his feet to scoot him along a little faster. Another trick he figured out is to go from the sitting position to a stomach position. It isn't perfectly smooth yet but he sure is learning fast. I know that many other kids his age already had most of these "tricks" down a long time ago but Luke has always been pretty content to just be. Now he's a little more adventurous and it sure is fun to watch! ;)

Is it Spring yet????

Man this Utah weather is KILLING me! It is the stinkin' middle of April and it is freeeeezing cold here! Not only that but the darn weather keeps tricking us like it really is Spring and then laughs at us as it throws stupid snow in our faces... Yesterday it was 85 degrees! Don't ask about today....stupid 40 degrees...no, I'm not complaining at all....

Well, today I was walking through Costco and couldn't help but meander through the baby clothes. Oh my gosh, I found the cutest thing! What do you think?

I love how he just looks like such a stud in this picture! "yo waz up"

Can you say baby model?! Ok, I am SOOO not biased! ;)

Then here's the Lukey I know and love!

Isn't that swim outfit the cutest or what??? Now the only question is whether or not it will ever get warm enough for my little guy to wear this thing. Come on Spring!!!

Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

So I took the plunge and became a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant a little less than a month ago. I absolutely LOVE it so far! My sister in law has been one for about 8 years and I've always bought Mary Kay make-up from her and loved it. I'm so glad I finally decided to become one because now I can always have a job on the side of being a full-time mom and its something I actually believe in. I know that might sound superficial to some but seriously, helping women take care of their face and skin is awesome! I'm not getting any younger and so I am finally using the amazing Mary Kay Timewise face cleanser, moisturizer, and night solution. It has worked wonders on my skin! I swear I can already see the wrinkles around my eyes disappearing! ;) haha I know I might sound silly.... Anyways, I love what I do and if anyone is interested let me know! They also just came out with the new mineral make-up which feels so light and wonderful on my face! LOVE IT! I'll have a Mary Kay website soon! ;)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Lukas' Surgery

So Luke had surgery this last Wednesday morning. For those of you who don't know Lukas had a dermoid (skin) cyst on his right eyebrow that he needed to get removed. He was such a good boy when he woke up that morning even though he couldn't eat and continued to be in such a good mood even while the surgery nurse walked away with him. Apparently they put a mask on him to make him fall asleep and then tried to put an IV in him. They tried once in one hand, twice in the other hand, and 3 times in his ankle before they finally got the IV in (I only know because I can see the evidence). OW! Luckily he was asleep I guess! Then the doctor performed the surgery and said everything went great. He said the only thing that was a little weird was that the cyst had sort of attached to the eye bone, which I guess isn't normal, but he said it was ok anyways. The surgery took about an hour. Luckily, I had a quiz that was due during his surgery so I was able to focus on something else. ;) After the surgery Lukas went straight to the recovery room to wake up. I guess he was one of the few angry ones when he woke up so they brought him to me screaming as he deliriously threw his hands about. So sad. Luckily, it only took a second of me holding him and putting his pacifier in that he finally fell asleep. After sleeping for an hour and a half straight he woke up super happy! It was so funny because from then on he acted like nothing had happened. Even when we left the hospital he didn't even need anymore pain medicine or anything! What a good boy! I am SO grateful to my Father in Heaven for watching over my cute little boy! Here are some pics I took. It has already partially healed and one of the five stitches has already come out! Isn't he so cute!

You might ask how I got him to close his eyes to look so perfect for this pic. Actually, the bright flash from the past hundred pics his mom had taken just before this one forced the lil' guy to close his eyes for a little rest! ;0)