Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

So I took the plunge and became a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant a little less than a month ago. I absolutely LOVE it so far! My sister in law has been one for about 8 years and I've always bought Mary Kay make-up from her and loved it. I'm so glad I finally decided to become one because now I can always have a job on the side of being a full-time mom and its something I actually believe in. I know that might sound superficial to some but seriously, helping women take care of their face and skin is awesome! I'm not getting any younger and so I am finally using the amazing Mary Kay Timewise face cleanser, moisturizer, and night solution. It has worked wonders on my skin! I swear I can already see the wrinkles around my eyes disappearing! ;) haha I know I might sound silly.... Anyways, I love what I do and if anyone is interested let me know! They also just came out with the new mineral make-up which feels so light and wonderful on my face! LOVE IT! I'll have a Mary Kay website soon! ;)


Jess said...

Congratulations! That's so exciting!

jj evans said...

Way to go! I need to renew on my facial cleanser.