Monday, April 14, 2008

Lukas' Surgery

So Luke had surgery this last Wednesday morning. For those of you who don't know Lukas had a dermoid (skin) cyst on his right eyebrow that he needed to get removed. He was such a good boy when he woke up that morning even though he couldn't eat and continued to be in such a good mood even while the surgery nurse walked away with him. Apparently they put a mask on him to make him fall asleep and then tried to put an IV in him. They tried once in one hand, twice in the other hand, and 3 times in his ankle before they finally got the IV in (I only know because I can see the evidence). OW! Luckily he was asleep I guess! Then the doctor performed the surgery and said everything went great. He said the only thing that was a little weird was that the cyst had sort of attached to the eye bone, which I guess isn't normal, but he said it was ok anyways. The surgery took about an hour. Luckily, I had a quiz that was due during his surgery so I was able to focus on something else. ;) After the surgery Lukas went straight to the recovery room to wake up. I guess he was one of the few angry ones when he woke up so they brought him to me screaming as he deliriously threw his hands about. So sad. Luckily, it only took a second of me holding him and putting his pacifier in that he finally fell asleep. After sleeping for an hour and a half straight he woke up super happy! It was so funny because from then on he acted like nothing had happened. Even when we left the hospital he didn't even need anymore pain medicine or anything! What a good boy! I am SO grateful to my Father in Heaven for watching over my cute little boy! Here are some pics I took. It has already partially healed and one of the five stitches has already come out! Isn't he so cute!

You might ask how I got him to close his eyes to look so perfect for this pic. Actually, the bright flash from the past hundred pics his mom had taken just before this one forced the lil' guy to close his eyes for a little rest! ;0)


Elizabeth said...

what a GOOD boy.

does he have some little baby stitches? perhaps a bandage? because. while that is sad, can you just imagine a little baby boy with a little baby boy head-cast? I'm absolutely dying over the image i have in my head. i once saw a little baby with a helmet (i think it needed some help with the shape of its skull) and I about died of a cute-attack.

i am anxiously anticipating some photos.

jj evans said...

Glad everything is okay. Zoe and I send our love. She misses her playmate. Daba daba, mama, papa....Love Zoe.