Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Two weekends ago I was able to visit my family/friends in UT. It was very last minute but SO SO needed and appreciated. I even went SOLO! Incredible, huh?! I think so. My brother Chad was graduating UVU and my whole family was going to see him and celebrate. I decided long ago not to go because 1) I had a stake camp meeting (the one and only one before camp that gave all the info I needed) and it was the night before him walking at 8 am on Fri morning, so I would miss it anyways if I flew in on Fri (the soonest possible), and 2) it would be expensive and 3) I was going home to CA 2 weeks after (even though I wouldn't see my bros and their families or my extended family since they wouldn't be in CA). So amidst much struggle I decided against buying a ticket.....

Well, Tuesday before the Friday that Chad would be graduating I decided I HAD to go! I called Matt and asked if he could take Fri and Mon off to watch the kids for me and then I called my good friend who used to fly for Delta to see if he could get me a deal on a ticket. Both came through. Matt asked his boss for time off by saying "Sir, my wife woke up this morning and said to me...'I have to go home to see my family'" haha His boss was like, "umm..okay, is everything okay???". haha guess the way he worded that made it seem like we were having marital problems! LOL thanks Matt! ;) But at least it did the trick and he got it off. Then my friend got me a ticket for only $256 when it was bought 3 days before the flight!!! I was way lucky. Thank you both!

The day before I headed out Lukas got a fever and had a bad cough. Then the night before I left it seemed like Lydia was getting the same thing. I still hadn't decided whether I was going to take Lydia or not....Well, guess not if she was getting sick. Darn. lol. So I got freedom for almost 4 days. It was HEAVEN! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE being a MOM. Its the best thing in the world and I wouldn't give it up for anything. ;) Glad I'm back but I'm also glad to have had a little break to recharge my batteries.

So my friend Shay picked me up on Fri morning 2 hours after my brother walked. She was Super sweet to do so (THANK YOU!) and dropped me off immediately at the restaurant my family was eating at to celebrate. Now, the only people who knew I was coming into town was my bro and sis in law Brad and Amy, and my dad. No one else. I wanted to really surprise them all, especially Chad. I went into the restaurant and came up behind my bro Chad's back and certainly surprised him. He was ecstatic and we hugged. The whole time we were hugging my mom was freaking out and my grandma kept asking my dad, "Who is that girl?" HAHA. That was the family joke the whole trip, "who is that girl?" I guess we were hugging too long and my grandma was getting concerned. LOL. To her credit she didn't see my face. ;) So after eating we all hung out the rest of the day, went shopping at BYU and got matching BYU shirts for Lukas and Lydia, ,one for me (Matt has plenty hehe), and a BYU hat for Lyd (Luke & Matt already have one). We also got to meet artist Liz Lemon Swindle. She's amazing. Got some beautiful art for cheap cheap. That night I went and hung out with Shay and spent the night. We made a yummy yummy yummy (yes that YUMMY!) chocolate, hazelnut cheesecake with oreo crust and white/milk chocolate drizzling and chopped hazelnut topping. Oh. My. DIVINE. And she made up the recipe. Yes, she is amazing. Don't worry, she's starting her own cheesecake business so you can taste some too. ;) We stayed up late chatting and watching the new 2009 4 hour version of Emma. SO. GOOD!

Saturday, we finished watching Emma and then I headed up to a family get together with all my dad's family. Had some yummy food and played some b-ball and catch. Then spent the night at Shay's again and went to her RS in the morning because she was teaching the lesson. Really good. Then headed to my niece's baby blessing. Then had a family birthday party for my bros Chad and Gil and my grandma Pat. Monday morning I flew back home at 10am.

Such a great trip. It was nice to be able to wake up, shower, do my hair and makeup all without ONE SINGLE INTERRUPTION. It felt great. But I missed the kids. Especially Luke sneaking into my bed first thing in the morning. Both Luke and Lyd's kisses and laughs. And I definitely missed snuggling with my hubby. ;) Glad to be back.

I hope my grandma doesn't KILL me for putting this pic up. HAHA! Its great. My parents gave her that card for her birthday and she was such a great sport to mimick it for me. I LOVE YOU GRAMMY!!! ;)

My family is craaaazy...
All of us together, well minus Matt and the kiddos :(

The birthday trio. My bros are definitely goofy