Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lydia is 5 months

I know Lydia just turned 5 months but I thought I'd post her 4 month stats since I haven't yet.

Weight: 16 lbs 3 oz. (that's a 4 lb increase in 2 months!!!)
Height: 25 1/2 in.

She is such a sweet baby girl. This last month she has become so active! She kicks her feet all around every time I put her on the ground or in the tub (she absolutely loves bath time - especially with Lukas). She always likes to be reaching and playing with something. She has rolled over from her back to her tummy once, and lots of times on to her side. She has also gotten somewhat good at sitting up. She also found her feet and loves to hold them when she's on her back. She absolutely LOVES her big brother. I just can't believe how much she really does already even though she's so little. Maybe little kids just have a stronger connection to each other than adults do. I can rarely get her to laugh and if I do its just a little soft one. But then Lukas comes on by and she is giggling like crazy! haha. I'm not jealous. I really do love it. Lukas got hurt the other day and he cried and cried and then I laid him down by Lydia and he just stopped crying and cuddled up to her and held her. AWWW! Seriously precious. I can't believe my kids are growing so fast. Lukas will be 2 next month and Lydia will already be half a year old!!! I'm so grateful to be their mom. We really do have so much fun together!

Nothing like some good ol' bakin' to cheer a kid up

About 2 weeks ago Lukas was having a really hard day, therefore, so was I. To top it off, Matt didn't come home until around 9. After dinner he started having another crying tantrum so I decided that it was high time to make some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (I for one, definitely needed the sugar relief). We both got our aprons on and went to work. He had a blast! Its amazing how a little one on one time doing something as simple as making cookies can make a kid so blasted happy. I love my little stud. Even more so when he is happy! ;)

I know this one is blurry but doesn't he look so happy?
Cookies are great.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Camping with hubby's fam

After hangin' in the crazy house with my fam ;) we went camping at New Brighton Beach with Matt's family. It was so nice to be out in the fresh air all day. It was beautiful. His family has gone there a few times during Memorial Day weekend growing up. A lot of people in his stake go as well. His mom started it up again last year and now it will probably be tradition for all of us to go every year. The O'Neill Surf Shop has a major sale every year during Memorial Day weekend which we always hit up. This year Matt finally purchased his Officer candidate school graduation present - a full body wet suit! He's lovin' the water now. We also went to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Matt and I were able to go on a roller coaster together (THANKS J for watching our kids!). Then we took Luke on a couple different ones. We really liked the beach boardwalk because they had a lot of rides that were toddler oriented and even ones where parents can accompany their toddlers free of charge. It was great.

Before we took off for home Matt's parents gave a short family devotional about some of their ancestors in honor of Memorial Day. It was great to hear about father-in-law's Great Grandpa who immigrated to the United States and began a great legacy for his posterity. We also heard about our baby Lydia's name-sake : Lydia Knight who was Matt's mom's great (not quite sure how many generations) grandma. If you don't know about her I highly recommend reading up on this great pioneer woman! She was incredible. Matt's grandma actually gave us an original copy of Lydia Knight's biography that was first to be printed in the series of great pioneer women. Thank you grandma Dee for such a treasure! We love you guys! Thank you so much for a wonderful time and cherished memories for years to come!

What a stud, huh?!

I went with him on this one to show him the stick lever made the dragon go up and down. Sadly however, it was broken and only went up. So as soon as it started I told Luke to pull it so it would go up and then for the entire ride we weren't able to get down. haha. Good thing he didn't care and just liked being on it.

He didn't understand that you could make the plane go up and down if you pulled the stick back and forth. He was content just going round and round like most of the other rides.
Cousin Zoe lookin' cute.

Luke gets obsessed with a few different things. Balls, guitars, and now skate boards. He has to be just like his dad. Ever since Matt got an Indo board from his parents this last Christmas, Luke has to be right there balancing on everything with him. Amazingly, he was really good at it.

California with my fam

After 6 days in Utah we flew out to CA to hang with both our fams. My 2 older bros and their fams, and my younger bro, Gil, decided to drive out to CA at the same time. So there were 9 adults and 7 kids in my parents house for a whole 6 days!!! That's 16 people, people! Needless to say, it was total chaos...but oh so much fun! ;) We went to Fairy Tale town one day, Matt went boating with his fam twice, we hit up a Zoo Sanctuary, and played in the sprinkers and kid pool. It was a blast! Thanks so much Mom and Dad for all the fun times! We love you guys!

So I think Fairy Tale town was a big hit! I think all big cities should have something like this for kids. Luke and his cousins just loved it! Most of these pics are from there.
King Arthur's court. Unfortunately, our camera was being weird. My sis-in-law has a good one of us on her camera. I'll swap it out when she emails it to me.

Makinzie, Luke's cousin. She's a month younger than Luke. Luke at that beautiful smile!

Luke and Mak peeking through the holes. Can you see them? That's my older bro Chad in the background.

Lydia just chillin'.

Old Mother Goose slide.

The giant in Jack and the beanstalks' foot.

No, my mom normally does not look that scary. ;) Conner, Gma, Luke, Makinzie.

Robin Hood and Little John.

My mom could not stop laughing because Lukas was terrified of falling off Matt's shoulders so he would grip Matt's face and refuse to let go. Even though he would cheese his cheesy smile the whole time while doing so because he knew I wanted a pic. haha. Thanks son!

Grandma playing Indians with the grandkids. Lydia had a blast.

The Old Mother who lived in a shoe was made into a giant slide. Luke went down like 10 times. I went down with Lydia but that pic is on my sis-in-laws camera. I'll post it later when I get it.

Yes, my mother is a goof ball. I love it!


We're finally back (well...a week ago...yes, I'm slow posting about it) from our great 2 week vacation visiting family and friends. It was so much fun to go to Utah for 6 days to visit Matt's grandma Rita, various aunts and uncles, my 2 bros and their families, my grandma Pat, and my best friend Shayna. Matt had an all expenses paid trip to SLC for the military engineering conference this year so we decided what the heck, why not all of us go since we would only have to pay for myself to fly. We stayed at my brother Brad's house (THANK YOU GUYS!) in Pleasant Grove and had a blast playing Rock Band 2 with the fam and celebrating my younger brother's birthday (Happy 20th Gil!). We celebrated Mother's Day with my grandma Pat and visited Matt's grandma Rita for the big Sunday feast (THANKS Caroline & Gary for the yummy food!). Matt had a good time at his conference and even had a good time in the golf tournament that they held one day...they sure do know how to have fun in the military! ;)

They even had an elaborate ball that was held the last day of the conference. Matt was lucky enough to find a free ticket for me (otherwise we would of had to pay $100+ for my ticket) and we had my best friend Shayna and her friend, Jeff, watch our kids for us in our hotel across the street from where it was being held. This was the first time Matt and I have had a real date since Lydia has been born. It was so much fun! I borrowed a fancy dress from Shayna's friend and she did my hair all prom-ish. I felt like a million bucks. Matt got to wear his hottest uniform.....dum duh duh dum....his choker whites....*sigh. He looked so yummy! ;) Everyone at this thing looked so fancy shmancy! It was great to feel like we were living the high life. The ball had scrumptious food and then dancing afterwards. We LOOOOVE dancing so it was great! The military really does know how to throw a party! Seriously though, we find ourselves so lucky to be a part of such a great organization. Hoorah Navy!
Our prom picture. Yes we did it on purpose. Doesn't he just look so great! Man, am I lucky or what?! I love you Matt! (I'm so sad the pic is blurry)

We had to take Lukey to our old stompin' grounds.
We had to buy him a BYU hat and football too.
We rocked out to Rock Band 2 and Luke refused to let go of one of the guitars until we finally swapped it out for my brother's real one so more of us could play. I'm very tempted to buy a playstation 3 now just for the Rock Band 2 addicting...and fun....ok but not worth $700 to me!!! Maybe used. We'll see.

Luke wouldn't leave Lydia alone. He had to lay by her. Give her hugs and kisses. Keep his arm around her. And just look at how she repays him. haha. Lydia wouldn't leave her shirt alone. Had to suck on it. Love her little Budda belly. That probaby isn't very politically correct to say...My kids are adorable. ;)