Monday, June 1, 2009

California with my fam

After 6 days in Utah we flew out to CA to hang with both our fams. My 2 older bros and their fams, and my younger bro, Gil, decided to drive out to CA at the same time. So there were 9 adults and 7 kids in my parents house for a whole 6 days!!! That's 16 people, people! Needless to say, it was total chaos...but oh so much fun! ;) We went to Fairy Tale town one day, Matt went boating with his fam twice, we hit up a Zoo Sanctuary, and played in the sprinkers and kid pool. It was a blast! Thanks so much Mom and Dad for all the fun times! We love you guys!

So I think Fairy Tale town was a big hit! I think all big cities should have something like this for kids. Luke and his cousins just loved it! Most of these pics are from there.
King Arthur's court. Unfortunately, our camera was being weird. My sis-in-law has a good one of us on her camera. I'll swap it out when she emails it to me.

Makinzie, Luke's cousin. She's a month younger than Luke. Luke at that beautiful smile!

Luke and Mak peeking through the holes. Can you see them? That's my older bro Chad in the background.

Lydia just chillin'.

Old Mother Goose slide.

The giant in Jack and the beanstalks' foot.

No, my mom normally does not look that scary. ;) Conner, Gma, Luke, Makinzie.

Robin Hood and Little John.

My mom could not stop laughing because Lukas was terrified of falling off Matt's shoulders so he would grip Matt's face and refuse to let go. Even though he would cheese his cheesy smile the whole time while doing so because he knew I wanted a pic. haha. Thanks son!

Grandma playing Indians with the grandkids. Lydia had a blast.

The Old Mother who lived in a shoe was made into a giant slide. Luke went down like 10 times. I went down with Lydia but that pic is on my sis-in-laws camera. I'll post it later when I get it.

Yes, my mother is a goof ball. I love it!

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