Monday, June 1, 2009


We're finally back (well...a week ago...yes, I'm slow posting about it) from our great 2 week vacation visiting family and friends. It was so much fun to go to Utah for 6 days to visit Matt's grandma Rita, various aunts and uncles, my 2 bros and their families, my grandma Pat, and my best friend Shayna. Matt had an all expenses paid trip to SLC for the military engineering conference this year so we decided what the heck, why not all of us go since we would only have to pay for myself to fly. We stayed at my brother Brad's house (THANK YOU GUYS!) in Pleasant Grove and had a blast playing Rock Band 2 with the fam and celebrating my younger brother's birthday (Happy 20th Gil!). We celebrated Mother's Day with my grandma Pat and visited Matt's grandma Rita for the big Sunday feast (THANKS Caroline & Gary for the yummy food!). Matt had a good time at his conference and even had a good time in the golf tournament that they held one day...they sure do know how to have fun in the military! ;)

They even had an elaborate ball that was held the last day of the conference. Matt was lucky enough to find a free ticket for me (otherwise we would of had to pay $100+ for my ticket) and we had my best friend Shayna and her friend, Jeff, watch our kids for us in our hotel across the street from where it was being held. This was the first time Matt and I have had a real date since Lydia has been born. It was so much fun! I borrowed a fancy dress from Shayna's friend and she did my hair all prom-ish. I felt like a million bucks. Matt got to wear his hottest uniform.....dum duh duh dum....his choker whites....*sigh. He looked so yummy! ;) Everyone at this thing looked so fancy shmancy! It was great to feel like we were living the high life. The ball had scrumptious food and then dancing afterwards. We LOOOOVE dancing so it was great! The military really does know how to throw a party! Seriously though, we find ourselves so lucky to be a part of such a great organization. Hoorah Navy!
Our prom picture. Yes we did it on purpose. Doesn't he just look so great! Man, am I lucky or what?! I love you Matt! (I'm so sad the pic is blurry)

We had to take Lukey to our old stompin' grounds.
We had to buy him a BYU hat and football too.
We rocked out to Rock Band 2 and Luke refused to let go of one of the guitars until we finally swapped it out for my brother's real one so more of us could play. I'm very tempted to buy a playstation 3 now just for the Rock Band 2 addicting...and fun....ok but not worth $700 to me!!! Maybe used. We'll see.

Luke wouldn't leave Lydia alone. He had to lay by her. Give her hugs and kisses. Keep his arm around her. And just look at how she repays him. haha. Lydia wouldn't leave her shirt alone. Had to suck on it. Love her little Budda belly. That probaby isn't very politically correct to say...My kids are adorable. ;)

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