Saturday, August 23, 2008

Random Lukas pics...

So I haven't posted any pictures of Lukas recently so here are a few that I took this past month.

So this is what my dad likes to do to Lukey in his spare time. ;0)

We went to the San Fransisco zoo on the first Wednesday of August (free day!) with cousin Zoe, aunt Janelle, and uncle J. It was so much fun! Thanks guys!!

The other day I was feeding Luke some lunch and I looked over to this precious picture.

This is what uncle Gil likes to do to Lukas in his spare time...dress him up like a thug...albeit a really cute thug don't ya think??? :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Newport, RI

So Luke and I have been in Newport, RI for the last week now and we're loving every minute we get with Matthew. Matt only has one week left until he graduates officer candidate school. I can't believe that he has been here for 11 weeks, much less that we were separated for 10 weeks! Luckily, the Lord truly did bless us and helped the time to fly by fast. Lukas did amazingly well getting reacquainted with daddy. Now he smiles , laughs, and reached for daddy every time he sees him. I love it!

Just an update on where we will be after graduating here next week. Matt has Navy Civil Engineering Corp Officer School (CECOS) starting Sept. 2nd in Port Hueneme, CA. Yes, that gives us 3 days after Matt graduates OCS here in Newport, RI to fly all the way across the country to Sacramento, pack our car in one night and then drive 6.5 hours down to Port Hueneme the next day. Totally crazy I know! I just called the base in Port Hueneme and asked about temporary housing for us since Matt was just added to this Sept. class (he was originally suppose to go the end of Jan 2009 but since we are expecting then we asked to go early). They apparently don't have any openings for housing for the first 2 weeks of school. The apartment they give us is only a one bedroom suite anyways. Oh well, we'll see what we will do for the first 2 weeks.

After CECOS ends the beginning of November we will hopefully have a couple weeks off (fingers crossed) and then will be heading back across the country to PATUXENT RIVER, MARYLAND!!! I for one never wanted to live on the East coast but since coming here to Rhode Island I love it! When Matt and I both heard that we were going to be stationed in MD for the next 2 years we were both really excited and felt that this is definitely the place we are suppose to be! We are so grateful that the Lord is always looking out for our little family and helping us to know His will.