Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just a great day

**I know we've been offline a lot recently and haven't really explained anything in our lives. However, I just sent this post to Matt in an email and thought I'd post it here too. Sorry I don't explain more. I mostly just wanted it blogged for our family book.**

My day was great. We spent 2 hours doing school stuff. Luke didn't
feel very well today and only wanted "short school". lol. We start
every day of school with a prayer, the pledge of allegiance, calendar
time, a question of the day, and then something new. I decided that we
need some more gospel discussion/learning during school. My mom has
this great book for kids that teaches a story from the scriptures and
then the application in our lives. The kids loved learning about the
parable of the merchant who sold all his possessions to buy the
biggest, most perfect pearl. They learned that the pearl represents
the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and following Jesus'
commandments. The commandments we learned today were: go to church,
read the scriptures, say your prayers, and obey your mom and dad. lol.
;) They got it down. haha.

Some learning activities we did today were: sorted colored beads and
put them on their corresponding colored pipe cleaners. The kids were
done with that one pretty quickly so then we played "number store".
They lined up some cards labeled with the numbers 1-20. I had a glass
jar with marbles in it. I called out a number for Luke to bring me. If
he brought me the right one then I let him pick a marble to put in his
glass jar. If he got it wrong he had to give me one of his marbles. It
was great because Luke doesn't really know his 11-20 at all and this
game really helped teach him that. Lydia just played with the glass
jars and pouring the marbles back and forth. They made a fun clinking
noise every time you dropped them into the jar. They were thoroughly
entertained with that.

After school I went out to Taro's sushi with my brother Josh as a
"congratulations on getting your mission call". It was way fun. Then
when I came home the kids and I played game after game. Luke was just
on one with playing any/all adult games in the house. I obviously had
to change it up so he could play with me. ;) We loved Boggle and just
shaking the can and then yelling out what letter we had to find. The
first one to find it got to shake the jar. Then we spelled our names.
I was surprised that Luke really knew a lot of the letters. So fun.

After games we had story time on mom's lap. I made up 3 stories about
a mom and a dad and their three kids: luke, lyd, and kaitlyn. haha.
They ate those up. I mean who wouldn't when it came to magic wish
granting apples, a magic homemade table that cleaned your house at
night, and a dream about becoming birds and flying though the sky.
hahahaha. so fun.

I just had a blast with the kids today. I love them so much and love
being their mom.

**These pics are just random recent pics that have nothing to do with my post ;) **