Monday, September 29, 2008

Ideas Anyone???

So I need everyone's help! I have been mulling over the idea to start a small home-based craft business for about a year now and I'm ready to just do it. Now, I know that I really know nothing of technical sewing skills but I do LOVE to sew! I'm self-taught (which isn't so great when it shows...) and therefore make things up as I go. I've made a couple nursing covers and diaper bags already for some friends and family and it seems like they and their friends really like them...I guess this is enough confidence for me...Anyways, I really want to sell diaper bags, burp cloths, changing pads, receiving blankets, and nursing covers. Eventually I might even add more to this list (like onesies, hats, booties, car seat covers, dresses, hair bows and ties, etc). Here's my problem. I don't really know how to go about starting to sell these things, besides a blog and an etsy account. I need a business license as well as a registered trademark.....So, here's the question: WHAT SHOULD MY TRADEMARK BE? I'm really dumb at coming up with some creative names so far and Matt suggested that I ask all of you. I love my sweet husband and his good ideas! So here are some ideas I have come up with and PLEASE if you think of a name that you like better and wouldn't mind me using it then LET ME KNOW! If you wouldn't mind just commenting which one you like the best and why you think I should use it I will LOVE YOU ALL FOREVER! And if you don't like any just say keep thinking... haha..Thanks again guys! ;)

1) Sew Hopeful
2) Simply Mama
3) Barefooted Surprises
4)Barefooted Laughter
5) Now or Never Crafts
6) Hopeful Surprises
7) Sew Outside the Lines

I know some are generic...I really want a catchy name! Help!
BTW here is an unfinished bag I'm working on right now...what do you think (this was the only clean place to take a pic in our little hotel room..haha)???

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Catching up with our Newport, RI trip

I know its been a month but I thought I better add a post with a few pics of us in Newport while Matt was at OCS (Mostly for scrapbooking purposes. I will eventually post pics of the actual graduation soon). So, one Sunday we took a fabulous drive along the coast and looked at all the million dollar mansions. We stopped at a park at the end of the road and boy was it a sight to see! We were amazed at all the kites that were flying everywhere. I've never seen such BIG kites! Lukas LOVED it of course.
Yes, that is a massive Mr. & Mrs. Devil kite in the background. haha.

Gorgeous coast in the background.

All those specs that you see in the sky are kites. So fun!

While in Newport we also went to a Huey Lewis and the News concert that was on the base and was free! It was so fun and right on the bay where they shot off the best fireworks show I have ever seen in my entire life. It was so good that the the ending fireworks were hidden in a cloud of smoke from all the previous fireworks. It then started raining firework debris all over us. It was like they were right on top of us. Very cool.

Matt's parents and little sister were able to make it for Matt's OCS graduation and we had a lot of fun with them while they were here. We toured the Elms mansion and got a taste of how early 20th century well-to-do families lived. The women changed their outfits around 5 times a day! Whew! It was definitely a beautiful home though. Mom and dad Evans also took us for a wonderful mini cruise of the Newport bay. It was gorgeous! of course I didn't have my camera though and don't have any pics of the cruise but THANKS mom and dad for the fun times!

Matt being silly by a gorgeous fountain outside the mansion. It looked like something out of Narnia...

My mother and sis-in-law looking cute ;)


The 10 acres of beautifully kept grounds.


Every time I turn around Lukas has something on his head. He just loves to pick stuff up and drape it over his big noggin'. ;) Here's a few pics I took, within 24 hours (and I didn't even take pics of everything he put on his head in those 24 hours, haha). Cute guy.

Don't worry, it's a clean diaper! ;)

And yes, that is one of my girly headbands...

Here's saluting to you dad! :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Think PINK....

That's right, WE'RE HAVING A GIRL!!! :) Matt, Lukas and I are all VERY excited! It's funny because I really have felt that we were having a girl since I was like 10 weeks pregnant. I just didn't want to be wrong. I know that many times mothers are wrong about their feelings of what they are having. With Lukas I sort of thought it was a girl until 2 weeks before the ultrasound. But with this one it's almost like I knew. To top it off a girl name came to me like 2 months ago that I couldn't shake. Therefore, I feel it is appropriate to use this girl name for our baby girl. We will be naming her Lydia (unless for some reason the Lord tells us otherwise). It's amazing how the spirit inspires us. I talked with my mother-in-law today and told her of the name and she cried. Apparently, it is her great-great-great some odd grandmother's name who was married to Newell Knight. She was the first in her family to be baptized into the gospel and she raised 7 kids by herself. An amazing woman it sounds like. Our baby girl will have a great namesake! Just like Lukas (named after my grandfather and great grandfather that died a week before I was born). We can't wait to see her! ;)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Boy or Girl?

We get to find out if we are having a boy or girl tomorrow at 3:30pm! I'm so excited. I mean I'm 23 weeks already and I could have found out since week 16! We found out at week 19 with Luke. I really don't care whether we have a boy or girl because each has its pros and cons. We just want him/her to be healthy and happy! ;) We all know that Matt and I make cute baby boys so I was wondering if we had a girl what she would look I tried to morph our pictures together on but it wouldn't upload any of our pics. I then tried and it was a hilariously scary picture they came up with. Yes, it was so disturbing actually that I refuse to post it here. haha. Anyways, feel free to vote whether you think it will be a boy or girl on our poll on the right side of our blog. Yes, I know that you really only have a day and a half to vote...well, start voting! :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yoga Mama

So I'm loving all the free perks that come with being military. I found out today that there are 3 free gyms, free swimming pools, free classes, free baby stuff, and lots of other free stuff that is available on military bases for military members and their families. I decided to take advantage of the "freeness" of it all and went to a Yoga Momma class tonight for an hour. IT WAS GREAT! I feel awesome but I also know I will be in a lot of pain tomorrow haha. Luckily, I even got the chance to take a bath right after so it shouldn't hurt too much tomorrow. This class is only once a week so I think I can handle it. Although, I found out that they have a big fenced off play area in the gym that you can put your kids in while you work out. You have to watch them yourself but they have elipticals (sp?) and lots of other machines right up next to the play area. How cool is that?! And its free! I'm loving this life! ;)