Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yoga Mama

So I'm loving all the free perks that come with being military. I found out today that there are 3 free gyms, free swimming pools, free classes, free baby stuff, and lots of other free stuff that is available on military bases for military members and their families. I decided to take advantage of the "freeness" of it all and went to a Yoga Momma class tonight for an hour. IT WAS GREAT! I feel awesome but I also know I will be in a lot of pain tomorrow haha. Luckily, I even got the chance to take a bath right after so it shouldn't hurt too much tomorrow. This class is only once a week so I think I can handle it. Although, I found out that they have a big fenced off play area in the gym that you can put your kids in while you work out. You have to watch them yourself but they have elipticals (sp?) and lots of other machines right up next to the play area. How cool is that?! And its free! I'm loving this life! ;)


Elizabeth said...

I have been way interested in yoga as of late. You'll have to post again and let us know how it goes.

Mama J said...

Good for you! I'd totally take advantage if we had perks like that. How is everything else? Like Matt's job?

Trevor and Lauren said...

Yoga is the best, wow. Nothing makes me want to fall asleep faster than a full hour of yoga! And you know what is second best? FREE STUFF! Very nice.