Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Is it Spring yet????

Man this Utah weather is KILLING me! It is the stinkin' middle of April and it is freeeeezing cold here! Not only that but the darn weather keeps tricking us like it really is Spring and then laughs at us as it throws stupid snow in our faces... Yesterday it was 85 degrees! Don't ask about today....stupid 40 degrees...no, I'm not complaining at all....

Well, today I was walking through Costco and couldn't help but meander through the baby clothes. Oh my gosh, I found the cutest thing! What do you think?

I love how he just looks like such a stud in this picture! "yo waz up"

Can you say baby model?! Ok, I am SOOO not biased! ;)

Then here's the Lukey I know and love!

Isn't that swim outfit the cutest or what??? Now the only question is whether or not it will ever get warm enough for my little guy to wear this thing. Come on Spring!!!


Elizabeth said...

oh! that boy! i'm sorry i'm always the first to comment on your blog. what a stalker. but NICOLE. look at the beautiful boy! gorgeous!

Sabrina said...

Love the outfit. He's such a cutie. And, yeah, what's up with the weather. We spent almost all day Monday outside and I tried to avoid going out at all yesterday. Ridiculous.

jj evans said...

You may not be able to wear it in Utah, but the weather here is great...everyday! Soon he and Z will be able to play in the water together.