Sunday, February 22, 2009

Break time for mommy = Fun time for Lukey

Ever since I've had baby Lydia everyone here has spoiled me! When my mom left (Lydia was already 3 weeks) the ward still decided to bring me meals every other night for 2 weeks. At first I told them it wasn't needed since so much time had passed....then my mom left...and the craziness began...and then i thought the ward meals were a FABULOUS idea! They were definitely much needed, so thank you guys! Not only have they brought me meals but my friends kept offering to watch Lukas for an afternoon so I could just have a break. I finally took my friend up on that offer - THANK YOU Christina! She took Lukas to the park with her baby boy Kale and our other friend Shelly and her 2 year old, Charlie. I stole these pics off of Shelly's blog because they were so darn cute. Lukey says thanks for the fun!


The two old crows said...

hmmmm so that was the third boy. I didn't recognize him.

sister young

Elizabeth said...

Lukas is so cute. I know you know it - I know everyone knows it - but I had to write it. That kid just kills me.

The Watsons said...

Oh I love those picts too! So much fun! What great friends those boys are!