Sunday, February 22, 2009

First Snow

Last winter we were in Utah where it snowed all the time. Luke was only a baby though and so he never got to enjoy it as kids do. This year he is old enough but we are not in Utah anymore and it doesn't snow very much here in PAX River, MD. Luckily it did end up snowing enough to stick for a while on Jan 27th. Here's some pics of Matt, Luke, and my mom enjoying the snow. We don't have snow boots for Luke so we got to put plastic bags over his shoes. haha. Matt and I were laughing because it brought back memories from both of our childhood. ;)

After all the time it took to get Lukey suited up to go outside I guess he got freaked you can see...

But then he seemed to be happy to know that it all wasn't for nothing.

My mom seemed to be having a ball as well.

Matt and Luke walking down the street.


Lively's said...

Your family is so cute! And your mom looks so good! Has she lost some weight?

Camber Casper said...

Oh I know all too well what you had to go through! I must say, the bags over the shoes is CLASSIC!