Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rewind to Christmas-time

I know this is a little strange to be talking about last Christmas when it is already February but I have to. I was just looking at Christmas pictures and videos and Luke is just so darn cute that I have to post some pics. Matt picked out Luke's big Christmas gift this year - a giant dinosaur tunnel/tent. Needless to say it was a HUGE hit with Lukas. We took a video (its too long to post) but Luke's face is awesome when he first sees it. The "WHOA"s coming out of his mouth were too cute! Lukas and his daddy have a lot of fun playing in the infamous dinosaur tent every now and again.

Lukas also got a parrot bath towel and a frog bib, bowl, and cup set from his Great Grandma LaRita. Thanks Gma!

He was also blessed to get a really cool band set from his Grandma and Grandpa Evans. As you can tell he loves it.

Matt was so excited to get an indo board from his mom and dad for Christmas this year. However, every time he even tries to get on it this is what normally ends up happening. ;)

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