Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tis the Season

I know I'm really behind posting about Christmas, what's new, right? ;) We got our small Charlie Brown Christmas tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving this year. We knew we would only be around for 2 weeks before heading off to UT for Christmas so we got a small (aka cheap ;)) tree this year. Every morning Lukas would jump out of his bed, run down the stairs, and head straight for the tree where he would plug in the lights and say "WHOA mom. Mismus lights!" haha.

On Dec. 12th we had our ward Christmas party. I was in charge of it and it was a lot of work but I think it paid off. The decorations were a Winter Wonderland theme so everything was navy blue, baby blue, white and silver. We put baby blue paper all over the walls and then stapled different color snowflakes on it. We strung Christmas lights across the ceiling and made cute table toppings that consisted of fish bowls with white tulle (sp?) and blue and silver ornaments in it. They were set on square mirrors and topped off with blue/silver confetti and garland. I thought it looked very classy and was quite proud of myself if I do say so. ;) Thanks so much to Rachel for all the help...she came up with all the ideas for the decorations. Really I had NO idea what I was doing and she took over and made me look really good. SO THANK YOU!

The kids got to meet Santa and got a treat bag. Santa showed up late too and I was freaking out about what to do since he's the biggest part of the night. haha. Luckily he showed up and was so apologetic because he thought it started an hour after it really did. ;) Thanks Santa for coming through for us!

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Andy & Mindy said...

So Cute Niki the kids are getting so big! Miss you guys.