Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Both elated and deflated

So for the past 4 days Lukas has stopped what he is playing with/doing and gone to the bathroom to go #2 all by himself. I didn't even ask him too. He just told me "Bathroom mama. poo poo. No help. I do it. I do it." Then he runs and opens the door himself (he just learned how to open doors about 2 weeks ago. Now his bedroom door handle has been turned to lock on the outside of his room so he can't come out during nap time ;) Matt is so smart.). Even gets himself undressed himself and then up on the toilet. All by himself. What a big boy. Yesterday I couldn't find him and then I heard something from the downstairs bathroom (the door was shut). guess who it was?! Yep, Lukas on the toilet and done going #2. *Sigh. I'm in heaven.

On a down note, my best friend Shayna has moved home. Today. I'm trying to keep busy cleaning like crazy (before we go to UT on Fri) just to try not to think about her being gone. I miss her already. She helped me so much. Not just with the kids, which boy did she ever, but I miss talking to her all day. Her insights are fantastic! Her spirit so bright and her attitude very contagious. We never thought we'd have the chance to live together since I got married shortly after she got home from her mission. Well I'm VERY glad we did! Thank you Shay for everything. I love you chica!!!


Justin and Ashleigh Smith said...

Congrats on the potty training news! Ethan and i need to get on the ball with that one! tThe progress we made before our trip to Europe was thrown out the window when I left him with my parents for 2 weeks... sigh. I love your post on Disneyworld! I love love LOVE that place and hope we can take our little guy there someday soon!

Leach Family said...

Hurry for all! This is a HUGE defeat! WTG Lukas! How old is he? I think Manoah is a little bit older then him & Manoah doesn't even know when he has poop on his diapered butt. So that is awesome news to hear! Great job getting him potty trained! ~Robin

David and Shelly said...

Yeah Luke!! Great job! And we will miss Shayna too. The short time we had with her, she definitely served it well. What a neat friendship you have with her. Hope she finds all she is looking for. ;o)

Mama J said...

Sweet. Does he pee in the potty, too?

If we don't talk to you soon,

Have a Merry Christmas!

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