Tuesday, December 8, 2009


So I think its been long enough that I can now post about us going to DisneyWorld at the beginning of Sept! ;) My friend Shayna had just moved in with us 2 days before we left. We were so grateful she was with us. What a big help! It took 2 days to drive down. The kids were on verge of breakdown on the second day right when we started out. It was a Sunday that day an we wanted to stop for Church somewhere. However we didn't really plan in advance. We did luck out to find a random small town with an LDS chapel. We were hoping it started at 9am (we arrived around 8:15)....Unfortunately, it didn't start until 10am. I was cranky and so were the kids and so I just wanted to leave. Matt was sweet and said we should wait. It was a good thing we did. Church was much needed for all and left us all in a better mood. As soon as we got in the car to go both kids fell asleep for 3 hours! Thank you for blessing us because we went to church! We got to our hotel (Thank you Armours for hooking us up with your sweet 2500 sq ft pent house! ;)) around 5 pm and settled in. Our hotel had a full fledged kitchen, dining room, living room, 2 master bedrooms with separate showers and jetted tubs, and 2 smaller rooms with their bathrooms across from them, as well as a washer and dryer and patio with a view of the park's fireworks shows. Needless to say it was WONDERFUL!

The first and fifth day we went to Magic Kingdom which is pretty much a bigger Disneyland. Super fun because we were all able to go on all the rides in the park together (even sis) except 2. I really love that DisneyWorld/land are for families to do stuff together. It was a lot of fun. The second day we went to Animal Kingdom where we got to meet all the characters (without any crowds at all!) and go on a sweet safari ride. Epcot was fun because of all the shows but not very many rides for little kids. Hollywood studios was AWESOME because of one new ride - Toy Story 2 4D!!! It was the BEST ride by far! We each had a cannon with a rope to pull to launch our paint balls. The screen was 3 D and had moving targets for us to hit. It kept our score as well. SO FUN! The kids had a blast and were amazingly good the whole trip. We all definitely plan on going again sometime.

Goofing around in the Space shop

Our friends the Armour's on their favorite ride - the Aerosmith roller coaster. The beginning is super fast. Its great!

Look at how close the animals were on the Safari ride! They have a ton of acres and just have the animals roam free. The ride just takes you through the area without fences or anything. So awesome!


matt and michelle ray said...

Jealous!!! That looks like so much fun! We totally need to plan a trip there now that we live close'ish. You guys are so cute!

txmommy said...

fun! I love Disneyworld, land, everything.

Debby said...

What fun. It looks like everyone had a great time.

Mama J said...

This makes me miss Disneyland. Zoe was excited to see all of the characters when viewing this post. Glad you had a good time and it's always better to have a helper. You finally can vacation....I can't wait!