Thursday, December 3, 2009

Just 'Cause...

So I haven't really posted anything about the kiddos for a while. I finally uploaded some recent pictures from the last couple weeks....Can I just say my kids are the CUTEST?! ;) I guess you can decide for yourselves.

Look at me, I'm SO cute!

Can you see my fangs? (Watch out I now have 6 teeth!)

Lydia got stuck for a second in this awkwardly small position. How this girl gets herself into these spots I have no clue. She always seems to get herself out. Very determined little girl, I'm telling you.

Right after getting herself out of this stunt she somehow squeezed her little self over some major obstacles to get behind the TV. I found her there with a lady bug in her mouth. YUMM! ;)

Lydia can now pull herself up to standing and is learning how to cruise along furniture quicker. Watch out world! My little girl is going to start walking. :0)

Lukas had some obsession for a week or so with ties, mittens, his Elmo slippers, and putting things on his head. One time he stuck his drum on his head and was banging on it. We tried giving him a cracker which he took and tried to shove in his mouth....only to his the outside of the drum that was covering his head. HAHA. It took him a second to realize he needed to put his hand (with the cracker in it) under the drum to get it into his mouth to enjoy. ;)
Obsessed with helping Mommy and Shay (oh yea my best friend Shay has been living with us since the end of August. So fun. Luke calls her "wa wa" for some reason. hehe) in the kitchen. He's actually a VERY good helper.

One day he stuck mittens on his hands, Elmo slippers on his feet, a tie around his neck and a laundry basket on his head. hehe. He's such a goober.

Obsessed with ties. Making a funny face for the camera.

Lydia's crib music player was broken and I put it on the stairs for Matt to fix, which ended up staying on the stairs for almost a week. A couple times I'd catch Luke in this position. He'd turn the music on and lay down and pretend to sleep. hehe.

Caught Lukey playing with mom's makeup. Isn't he SO cute?! haha. Oh yea and notice the tie. Can you say OBSESSED????
Lydia is a following in Luke's footsteps and becoming quite a goober herself.


The Ainas said...

So cute! :) Abby is obssessd with ducks :)

Debby said...

Cute pictures.

Martines Family said...

So funny. Love the update!

Mama J said...

You should start making him his own ties. Did you make his apron? Cute. I think Lydia looks just like Lukas.