Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas in UT...or should I say sickness in UT....

We headed to the airport on Friday December 18th and we were late of course. I was frantic that we were going to miss our plane. We had just heard that a MAJOR snow storm was due to hit at midnight and this was the last flight out to UT for the day. So we HAD to make it if we wanted to see family for Christmas. Luckily, we made it due to a very, very nice man who let me check in all our stuff outside without charging me. Thank you sir! (Good thing we made it because they got 18 inches of snow the next day! Ouch! The most we got last year was 12 inches and it was in March, not DEC!! Glad we missed that!)

The day was kind of hectic to start off with actually. Lydia had a fever for 2 days before we left. No other symtoms just a 102 degree temp. Then she woke up with a 103.5 degree temp the day we were leaving! I was going to take her into the urgent care but her temp finally went down to 101 so we decided to just go and if I needed to take her in then I could in UT. Well, her fever broke that night on the plane. However, Luke got one the next day for 2 days. Then they both got HORRIBLE coughs and extremely runny noses for the next FOURTEEN days!!! I took them into an urgent care in UT 4 days after getting there. They were fine. Then 4 days later Lydia got another fever for 2 days. Then Lukas got another one. We flew home on Dec. 28th. Lydia was horrendous on our flight home even though we had given her motrin before the flight. She was awfully cranky for the next 2 days and Lukas was clingy. We took them to the Dr's 2 days after getting home. Both had dual ear infections. Oy. That was them. I got the stomach bug and was throwing up for two days while in UT and then Matt got it the day we got home. Then Matt and I got colds....So we've been sick for 3 weeks in our household. Very lame. Although, I'm VERY VERY VERY grateful the kids did not get the stomach bug that Matt and I had so I will stop complaining. ;)

Ok that was our Christmas time. Sick sick sick. It really was fun to be with family though. We stayed at my brother's house. He has 3 kids. My parents flew in with my 2 bros who stayed there too. We then had my grandma Pat come stay there too. And then to top it off we had my last bro and his family (2 kids) come stay 3 nights with us. It was a FuLl house to say the least. We passed different sicknesses around and layed around most of the time. haha. It really was pathetic. Matt's parents and younger sis also flew in and the day they came Matt's younger sister had a fever and her throat hurt. Matt's mom took her to the urgent care in UT and she had strep throat. So amid all the sicknesses we rarely hung out with them. So sad that they flew in from CA to see us and we didn't get to do much. But we were very glad for what time we did have. THANK YOU mom and dad G and E for everything! We love you guys and miss you already!

We didn't get very many pics unfortunately because of being sick. This is all we have. Wish we would have gotten some with the grandparents and kids.....

Lydia's stroller/walker I got at DI in UT for $2! I miss UT for that very reason.

Matt and Luke got matching remote control cars that go really fast and do flips and stuff. They LOVE them.

My parents with Lyd on Christmas morning.

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