Monday, July 6, 2009

Luke, how old are you going to be?

We've been trying to teach Lukas how old he is going to be. So we've been practicing. I think he finally has it down. Although, he's still trying to get the right 2 fingers down (right now he does an L with his thumb and pointer finger). We have a week and a half until our big guy turns the big TWO!
A Potty training side note (beware a little graphic, haha):
I've been trying to get Lukas used to the toilet lately. I've heard of potty training in 3 days and have read a little of it but haven't wanted to do it just yet because of all the vacations we are going on this summer. So I've just been trying to get him on the toilet as much as possible. However, he HATES the toilet. Every time I say "want to go poop/pee on the toilet?" he screams NO! Its like he was scared of it or something. So after thinking about it I decided not to say a word to him at all about the toilet. Now I just calmly hold his hand and lead him to the bathroom, pull down his pants and pull up, sit him on the toilet and simply say "I'll be right back" and then walk away. This does WONDERS for Luke. He then doesn't freak out and just sits there calmly. I'll try doing this a couple times a day. Twice last week I could tell he was pooping in his diaper so I just calmly and quietly took him to the bathroom and sat him on the toilet (thinking the whole time that he wouldn't go because he already had in his diaper). I left to put Lydia down and then realized that he had been really quiet for a while. I walked back and peeked in through the crack in the door and he was grunting and trying to look into the toilet. I waited until he stopped and yelled "MAMA POOP" hahaha. I went back in and simply said "Good job Luke" without seeming too excited (even though I really was ecstatic! its just better for him if I act like its an every day normal thing - nothing special). He went #2 again the next day even though he went a little in his diaper again. Then we went out of town the next couple days and he didn't go in the toilet again until yesterday. He's eating his lunch and then he says "Mama poop". I looked and he hadn't gone yet so I set him on the toilet and...... dum duh duh dum... HE WENT! WOO HOO! So I know that this is going to take a lot more to fully potty train him but I'm just excited he is not afraid of the toilet anymore and that I found a way to get him comfortable enough to go in the toilet. AND that if I'm very aware of him during the day and catch him before he goes #2 in his pull up then he will go in the toilet so I don't have to change his poopy diapers as often! That's a great feeling for a mom! ;) Although how do you guys handle public restrooms with young children who are being potty trained? The front part of the seat is missing on those and that is where Luke sits. How do you handle that? And how do you handle the yuckyness of the public toilet? Any advice??


The two old crows said...

That is so funny. I remember when I was potty training my boys. I had heard if the husband takes the boys into the bathroom and shows them how it is easier. So Sid did that with our oldest son. Young sid jr came out white faced and it took awhile to get him back on the toilet.

David and Shelly said...

I know you can get those disposable toilet covers for kids. I haven't gotten any yet but have wanted to. When we are at home Charlie can go #1 and #2 by himself but when we are at a public toilet, I lift him up to go #1. If he needs to go #2, like when we went camping and we just happened to be at McDonalds for an ice cream cone, I just wiped the seat down well. I'm usually in there with him for about 15 min but he gets the job done. Even just yesterday we had to make an emergency stop between church and home because from the back seat we heard, "I'm going to pee in my carseat!" Oh the joys...

Camber Casper said...

With Andie, the first times she peed in public it was a huge mess because of the missing part of the toilet seat in the front. I then started facing her to the side to go pee and held her up so she wouldn't fall in. Now she faces to the front but I make sure she leans forward and keeps her legs tightly together. It isn't fool proof but it does work better than being totally relaxed. Also beware of the auto flushing toilets, Andie is scared to death of them cause the fist time she encountered one it flushed while she was on it, she jumped like 5 feet into the air. Now I have to reassure her that the toilet she is on is not a "scary" kind! Good luck, hope this helps a bit!

Brianna Lee said...

We just took Gwen's potty chair in the back of the van with us for the first few days, after the second day I was just too lazy to go all the way out to the car, so we tried the public restroom and she LOVED it. She thought it was fun to see how diffrent the bathrooms were in all the diffrent places we went and asked to go everytime we went into a new house or store. The first time she pooped in public she needed a little more support, so I had to hug her the whole time so she could focus more on pushing.
It is a little gross, especially with a baby that you don't want to put on the floor.
I supose for boys it is a little diffrent. I know some Mom's who have thir boys sit on the toilet backwards, so they are facing the tank/flusher. In public bathrooms the seat is so big, they just hold onto the back of the seat while they are peeing.