Monday, July 6, 2009

Gettysburg Reenactment

Matt heard from someone that the Gettysburg Reenactment was a must see on the 4th of July. And we agreed. So off we went at 5:20am to drive the 2.5-3 hours to Gettysburg, PA on Saturday morning. It was really fun. The country was absolutely breath taking. There were tons of actors and actresses dressed in authentic civil war attire, cannons, horses (Luke's favorite), and fun bands playing awesome music that Luke couldn't get enough of. The actual reenactment took about 1.5 hours and then had a cool live mortar competition between the Union and the Confederates with different size balls. They shot them 100, 200, then 300 yards. The last thing they had to do was hit a hay barrel that would then explode. Matt got a pic of it exploding. All in all it was very fun and worth the cost and drive. How blessed we are to live in such an amazing country. Thank you to all those who have given their lives in fighting for the freedoms that we now all enjoy. Thank you to all who have served and who are now serving. How proud we are that Matt is serving in the military now to protect not only his family but all who live here. Thank you honey! We love you! God bless America!!!




The two old crows said...

That is sooooo cool. I especially like the explosion picture.

Heather said...

That looks like fun, maybe we'll have to go next year.

MommaMarini said...

That is so neat! We're defenitly going to to have to consider going there next year. What an amazing experience!

AeroRob said...

Wow. I want to do that next year.

TXMommy's DH