Monday, July 6, 2009

New Phases

Luke and Lydia seem to constantly be changing and entering new phases these days. It's so fun to watch as a mom and rejoice with them in their new adventures. About a week ago we were driving to the store early Saturday morning and happened to see our LDS neighbors having a yard sale which included a very cool car toddler bed. We weren't planning to get Lukas a toddler bed, I was just thinking we would skip over that and go right to a twin bed to avoid subsequent costs. However, after seeing this bed I wanted it for Luke. It was only $20 for the bed, mattress, and mesh side rail (not in the pic)! HELLO! Who wouldn't want it for that price?! They even had a Cars Movie comforter and sheet set for $10 that we got as well. Now we don't have to fork out the hundreds it would have cost for a twin bed frame, mattress, sheets, and comforter...well, not yet at least. ;) We weren't going to have him sleep in it just yet because we didn't really want to deal with him getting out of bed all the time. But he had different plans in mind. He was SO stinkin' excited that night to sleep in it that he made us set it up for him. He hopped in and didn't even move a muscle all night! Say what?! Yep, every night since and nap times he doesn't move off of the bed. He had no issues switching to it at all. Yes, we are very spoiled parents and are very grateful that this phase has been a breeze for him. Matt and I think he just hasn't figured out yet that he can get off of it any time he wants...we hope he doesn't figure that out for a while. ;)

Lydia has began the never-ending moving phase. It's so fun to watch her reach and grab everything near her with such precision too. She won't stay still for a second. Once I lay her on the ground she is over on her tummy and turning in circles for hours. She is such a good baby. She also had yummy rice cereal twice this last week (at 5 1/2 months old). She loved it and is definitely wanting to feed herself already. Lukas was a big help in feeding her. They have so much fun together already. I can't wait to see how much more fun they will have when Lydia is older to do more with Luke. Oh the fun phases of growing kids! ;)
Matt didn't take a pic of Luke before waking him up after the first night of him sleeping in his new bed (like I had specifically asked him to do). I was upset (I know, its really not a big deal). So he tried to make it up to me by having Luke pose in these pics. haha. He even made Luke pretend he was asleep. haha. My boys are too funny.

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Dani said...

Nicole your kids are so adorable! Thanks for the comment on my blog. And btw, I totally love the stuff you sent me! The nursing cover works great and I use it ALL the time! And the flip flops are adorable too! Taylor has only worn them a few times and now he is such a tub I don't think he can anymore, but we're going to save them for any future little boys. Thanks so much! Hope you're doing great!