Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Lukas!

3 month stud

1 year old
18 months
2 years old...and another cause he is so darn cute! ;)
I can't believe that my little man is 2 already. Ah man, I'm already emotional writing this. haha. He's seriously one of my best friends. I love how he such a chatter box...well, in sign language at least. He carries on full conversations with me in sign language. All day. The kid is so funny. He is the sweetest little boy. Everyone he meets (that is close to his size or smaller) he always gives them a hug. Sometimes a kiss too if they are lucky. ;) If he does something wrong, all I really have to do is calmly talk with him about why it is wrong and then he stops (most of the time, if I do it in a calm loving voice). He listens to me chatter all day... which is probably why he does then, huh? His new favorite thing to say (verbally - not sign language) is "Dada, Mama, Baby Iluvu" (he runs I love you all together). It seriously melts my heart every time. I love you too Lukas. Thank you so much for coming to our family and helping us all live life a little better and happier. Happy Birthday little man!


The two old crows said...

Lukas is one good looking boy!!!! Happy Birthday

Mama J said...

Happy Birthday Lukas! Can you believe how time has flown by so fast? Wish we could be closer to have the cousins play more....miss you guys!

Carolyn G said...

He's so stinkin' cute.