Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Our Fam

Here are some pics we've taken this past week.

I love the smile on Lukas' face (ignore my scary one!)! Can you see it?

Matt dressed Lukas up for the football game last Saturday. It was freezing, hence the Russian "helmet" on his head!

This is a pic of all of us before heading off to the BYU game last Saturday. GO BYU!! Lukas is stuffed in Matt's jacket so he'll be warm :) It started to snow for the first time this season while we were at the game so we had to book it home as fast as we could!!

Our kid is SO cute, huh?!

The two studs in my life!


the evans said...

Lukas and Zoe look so much alike, do you think? Especially in the last pic with Matt. Can't wait to see you and the babe this weekend. We'll be in town, be sure to call.

cila said...

Dude.... i loved your flog.
manda noticias sempre,
com amor
de Farias