Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Halloween Fun

So my two brothers and their families came over last night to eat a fall dinner (broccoli soup in pumpkin bread bowls with apple cider), carve pumpkins, decorate sugar cookies, and watch our favorite show on TV - Heroes! It was a lot of fun!

Here's a video of my niece and nephews doing a sweet jig! My favorite part is the diaper sticking out of my niece's shirt while she's shakin' it! ;)

Here are all the men carving pumpkins.

Our spider pumpkin that Matthew carved. Looks good, huh?!

An extra personalized touch Matt stuck on the back of our pumpkin. I love Halloween!


Elizabeth said...

these are great new posts!! fun pictures. your hair grew fast - it's lookin' long!

the evans said...

Too cool...it makes our pumpkin bite the dust, I won't even show you.

Elizabeth said...

post something new and so shall i!

Elizabeth said...

let's have a new post eh?

Gwen Dana Evans said...

Nice pumkin, Matty! Check out our new blog at bgevansfamily.blogstop.com