Thursday, July 22, 2010

Girl's Trip 2010

DISCLOSURE: Documented mostly for my benefit. Contains lots of inside jokes and pointless information. ;)

My good friends, Shayna and her sister Vanna, and I decided we needed to start a new tradition: a GIRL'S TRIP every year! When Vanna and I were 16 and Shayna was 18 we took a week long trip to Utah and Idaho to visit family. It was the BEST trip I can remember in High School. So this time we decided to go to San Francisco. We got a hotel off of priceline and lucked out. It was right smack dab in the middle of downtown San Fran which is sometimes scary. However, our hotel was great. Very nice and we felt special. It was called the Hotel Whitcomb. We got there, checked in and went shopping. We ended our shopping and tried to get some food at the food court in the mall. We took too long to decide what we wanted that all the places ended up closing before we decided. lol. So we went to the food market and took over an hour to try to figure something out there. Oh and figure out what to put on our air popped popcorn later that night in the hotel. We bought some salt but couldn't find butter. We seriously are SO dysfunctional that we took an hour trying to figure it out. We still couldn't find a solution and we still hadn't had dinner and it was 8:30pm.

We began to walk to the hotel in the dark. Shayna was on the phone trying to find a pizza place that would deliver. Vanna and I saw a pizza place just a block off the main street and started walking to it. Seriously, like 20 feet in we realized we had made a huge mistake. It was like we entered a different world. Scary, dirty, swearing, smoking, drug doing, drunk people were EVERYWHERE! Shay was distracted on the phone until she realized where we were and then said in a very loud voice "I'm about to be mugged!" Of course she did it right when a scary guy was walking right past us! AHHHH. So we quickly did an about face and booked it to our hotel. We saw a Burger King right across our hotel and had to get those chocolate pies they sell (we got one almost everyday while in high school). When we crossed the street we realized it was also a little scarier with questionable people all around the outside. Shayna saw a picture on the outside of the store and started walking around the wall. Vanna quickly stated, "I like to be inside, Shay". haha. She was trying to be discreet and that's why she stated it that way. lol. Inside a bum tried to get money from us. *Sigh

We got back to the hotel safe and sound and laughed at our stupidity. Shortly after getting there Shayna comes out of the bathroom and says, "I don't want to alarm anyone, but I just dropped $40 in the toilet!" HAHA. She ended up washing the bills with soap and then stuck them in our AC unit until they dried. lol. We ate pizza and watched 2 hours of "Pride and Prejudice". We watched it for the first time on our teenage trip, so its tradition from now on. ;) The next morning we had breakfast in the fancy hotel restaurant. I think we all got yummy french toast and fruit. It was delicious. We then got trolley passes and hopped the trolley to the Ghiradelli chocolate factory where we got the famous chocolate sodas. Can you say YUMMY?! It was cool to see all the original machinery and read how they made the chocolate. We then walked along Fisherman's Wharf and went to Pier 39 to catch a bay cruise. However, we got there last minute for our cruise and due to our dysfunctional-ism we missed. Although, we blame it on the weird guy taking the money....Anyways, we caught the shorter cruise for later. Glad we did cause it was plenty. They waves were ridiculous for the first part of the cruise out to the Golden Gate bridge. Alcatraz was cool to hear about. Very fun ride.

We packed up and checked out of the hotel after the bay cruise. Drove partway home and stopped in a Target parking lot to finish our last 3 hours of "Pride and Prejudice" on the car dvd player. HaHa. It was so fun! I'm glad we went. Love you girls!!! Oh and thank you Gwynn and mom and dad for watching the kids while I was gone! Even while they were still sick. You are the BEST! ;)'

2010 Girl Trip Quote Book:

Shayna: "I'm about to get mugged!"
Vanna: "I like to be inside Shay."
Nicole: "Where's my water?!"
Shay: "I don't want to alarm anyone, bu I just dropped $40 in the toilet!"
Vanna: "Here's a cute picture of THEM on the cable car"
Vanna: "Oh yeah, that does make sense"

It was SO windy on the bay cruise...but don't we look HOTT?! ;)

YeaH baby, our awesome trolley ride. Vanna and Shay loved hanging out the sides and coming within inches of cars passing by. Carazay!

We ate breakfast at the fancy hotel restaurant. YUMM!

The curtains and wallpaper made us feel all uppity uppity. lol.

You think I could take a picture of the hotel room BEFORE we made a mess....

Shay dropped her $40 in the toilet.

Washing it

And then drying it. haha

Shayna, Vanna, and moi

View of San Francisco from the cruise.

Vanna, Shay, & the Golden Gate bridge

Vanna, me & Golden Gate bridge



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Sounds soooo fun! I wish I had that kind of tradition. What great friends. Love the $40 bit.

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This looks like a fantastic trip. Well done!