Thursday, July 22, 2010

California Trip Part 2

After all the previous fun mentioned, Matt went home and the kids and I went and spent some time with my family. However, it didn't begin as I would have hoped. The day before Matt left Lydia got a 103 degree fever. It stayed for 3 days and then she got a horrible rash on the inside of her arms and backs of her legs. We didn't know what it was. I took her to an urgent care. They said it could be strep throat since she had some spots on the back of her throat, which I guess can be accompanied with a rash. They tested for that and we waited. Negative. Could be chicken pox. Tested for that but the results wouldn't come back for 5 days. Went home and took care of her as best as possible. One night she screamed in pain for 4 hours! It was awful! Poor thing. After like 6 or 7 days of this she got sores on her tongue, around her mouth, and huge blisters all over her feet. So I believe she really had hand foot and mouth disease. Then why did she have sores on the insides of her arms and legs you might ask. I think its because she has bad, itchy eczema on the inside of her arms and behind her knees. She always has her hands in her mouth and then itches her eczema. Voila! Hand foot and mouth disease sores in places they wouldn't normally be. Anyways, it took a long time for the sores to go away but they finally did.

A little less than a week after Lydia had her health fiasco, Lukas decided he couldn't be left out. We went to a wedding reception for one of my friends on Sat night. It was outside in high grassy fields. Luke got 2 bug bites on the back of one leg. Within a day one had just swollen and got hard and VERY painful. He couldn't sleep. He kept waking up crying every hour. By Monday night he was acting strange and it had gotten a red dot in the middle of it. I took him to the urgent care. Diagnosis: Staph infection. Got antibiotics and antibiotic cream. Worked magic within a day. Thank goodness. Its funny how this stuff happens AFTER Matt goes home and leaves me alone to deal with it. lol. Luckily, I had lots of family support and the kids are nice and healthy now.

My youngest brother Josh graduated High School one of the last days we were there. I was very impressed with him. He's the youngest of us kids and I've always thought of him as being a little kid. He bore his testimony at seminary graduation and he was just SO grown up! He has the heart of a bear and wouldn't hurt a fly. He was always offering to help with the kids and always very concerned about how everyone felt. I'm VERY proud of him and wish him luck in life!

We had lots of fun playing with family for almost a month. It was so nice. Thank you parents for everything! Love you!

Lukas rocking out.

Is this face HILARIOUS or what?! I wish it were in focus...

My bro Gilbert has always had a special bond with Lukas. Why am I not surprised that he now does with Lydia? If Lydia was crying or upset all I had to do was send Gil to fix it. And it got fixed instantly. lol.

Luke's spider bites that led to a staph infection :(

And Lydia's HORRID hand foot and mouth disease that got in places it shouldn't have! Darn eczema! Oh and this was a couple days after the worst of it was over.....ugh..

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Bri said...

we've had trips home like that too. I hope the next trip is better.