Thursday, April 8, 2010

White House Egg Roll

Matt got us tickets to go to the White House Egg Roll on Monday. I was super stoked to go. We both thought the kids would love it. However, when we got there Lukas started a HUGE dramatic temper tantrum. Over nothing. And everything. We were just waiting in line and he was not stopping the tears or screams. I was completely annoyed since nothing had set him off and we had just got there. Matt knew I was about to lose it so he kindly took Lukas away. I love you honey. When we got in they were handing out some free snacks. Lukas finally decided he was okay since he now had some food. I wonder why he didn't just tell me he was hungry?! But after that he was great. It was PACKED! Took over an hour of waiting in line til we finally got in. For those of you who don't know it takes place on the White house back lawn. So we got up close and personal. It was beautiful. Lukas loved seeing all the characters in costume. We did the traditional White House Egg roll. Even Lydia loved it. lol. Hunted for eggs. Saw Michelle Obama twice. She was 10 feet away. Pretty cool even though I don't exactly care for the Obama's or the whole publicity crud most people do. Saw Sara Berreillas (sp?) play and sing "I'm going to write you a love song". Luke and I were on the front row rocking it out with Michelle Obama 5 feet away (look at pic below. She's in the hot pink shirt behind the bald headed secret service guy. lol). Searched for eggs. Hula hooped. Played tennis. And through all of this 2 hour fun got SUPER sun burned! I got the bad mom award for the year because I was the only mom who didn't put sun screen on her poor children! Good thing they have my Greek olive skin and we all turned tan after a couple days. ;) At the end we got peeps and a wooden Easter egg signed by Pres. and Michelle Obama. It was fun!

Oh and our Easter was great. We opened our baskets first thing in the morning (don't judge my funny looking kids. they just woke up okay...) We loved listening to General Conference! Luke got some garden gloves, a turtle watering can, and a toy story frisbee. Lydia got a black headband, purple princess bracelet, and some pink tights. Lukas loves putting on her headband and bracelet and dancing around in them. lol. Matt got some toblerone chocolate, black licorice, and a laser light (its what he wanted. I guess for work to point out problems in construction??). Matt got me the movie Blind Side (LOVED it) and a chocolate rabbit. We also had a small family devotion in the morning and bore our testimonies to the kiddies and each other about our Savior. We are so grateful for all He did for us and to know that HE LIVES!!!

Michelle Obama waving to the crowd. 20 ft away.

Sara Barreillas (sp?) "I want to write you a love song". Such a good song!

Michelle Obama rockin' out to Sara Bareillas. 5 ft away.

Matt and Luke getting ready for the Egg roll contest. Luke did pretty well.

Lydia and I getting ready for the egg roll contest. She just wanted to eat the egg. ;)

Searching for eggs. The lady told us to find 2 eggs each. This one girl kept taking them all. I think she seriously had 20 in her basket. It was hilarious!

Yay for Easter egg hunts. Although, they took all the eggs back. lol.


The two old crows said...

sounds like you had a fun time. great pictures

matt and michelle ray said...

You guys do the coolest things!!! SO fun! And don't worry, we all kinda share that bad mom award and pass it around, don't ya think?!

Justin and Ashleigh Smith said...

How fun! I loved looking at your posts! You guys are so lucky that you have so many activities to do out there in DC. Your kids are so cute and I cant believe how much they have grown!

Maricia said...

Loved all the posts. Looks like you guys have been busy. I love the formal pics, how fun to dress up! Miss you guys! Hope you're doing great!

txmommy said...

wow how fun!! I want to go next time!

and how neat to have a spoon...even if I don't like this pres I would still want one :)

Can we borrow the blind side?

Elizabeth said...

Looks fantastic! I went to one of Barack Obama's speeches here in Vegas and when he shook my hand (I was in a total mob) I shouted "you're wife's a class-act!" and I wanted him to say "I'll let her know you said so." But - I don't think he heard me. Anyway - if you see Michelle again I hope you'll pass along my message.

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Anonymous said...

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