Thursday, April 8, 2010

A ball and motorcycles?

Matt and I have been fortunate enough to have spent some good ol' fun together this past month. Twice in fact. And doing some not so average stuff might I add. First we went to the Seabee Ball. Thank you Melissa for the beautiful dress I was able to borrow. I will return it soon. ;) It was fun to get all dressed up and fancy and then go eat a nice meal. Then to top it all off dance the night away. I will say that I am extremely blessed to have a hubby who doesn't mind dancing it up with me on the dance floor. But for anyone who knows me it is a must that I married a man who can and will dance with me since I love it so. ;) Thank you honey for a good night. And thank you Armour's for watching our kids. It was their first sleep over (besides at gpa and gma's house). They loved it and so did we!

Had to have a pic without the glasses (Matt has had to wear glasses for the last 4 months in preparation for eye surgery (kind of like lasik) but then just found out he was denied due to his eye being a really odd shape which could cause the surgery to go bad. I was glad cause then he could wear contacts again. He was sad. So he talked to some other people to get a second opinion. Now he still has to wear glasses until he gets that opinion. I guess its okay since I think he's still HOT with or without them. And whatever makes him happy! ;))

Last week we did something I've always wanted to do. Learn to ride motorcycles!!! Yes it was a blast and no I didn't fall. ;) For 2 whole days we learned all about riding in class and on a bike. At the end we had to pass a test to get certified to drive on base (and get a discount on our insurance). We both passed. ;) Unfortunately a girl dropped her bike and so wasn't able to pass. She left kind of in a huff. I feel bad for her. I'm glad we both passed and that neither of us got hurt. It was seriously a blast. Oh and I don't know who was more excited, my dad, or me! lol. He's been riding since he was 15 1/2. Oh the joys. Thank you Colleen for watching my sick kids for those 2 days!!! YOU ARE THE BEST! ;)
Matt's motorcycle pics

Nic's Motorcycle pics

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