Monday, March 2, 2009

My Cute Kids

I took some pictures of Lukas and Lydia this morning and I think they turned out great. Luke always does this cheesy grin whenever he sees the camera or we say "Cheese". Funny guy. Lydia is smiling more and I finally caught some cute ones on the camera. I wish the one where she was super cheesing would have turned out better...and that she wouldn't have turned her head away right before the picture took. haha. That always seems to happen. Oh well, the last one is pretty darn cute. Enjoy.

This last week was pretty crazy but fun. I decided last minute to be a vendor at a craft fair last Saturday. My good friend Colleen makes beautiful glass jewelry
and entered this local craft fair and suggested that I come along and try selling my Mary Kay and some bags. I didn't have any bags made yet. I have tons of fabric to make them, I just haven't yet. So I decided to go for it. I made 2 bags - one extra large and one large. I love both of them. I asked my friend Christina to help me make some nursing covers. She's awesome and made 2 and they look fabulous. She even added an extra touch, a button at the bottom of each one. I told her that I love buttons and will stick some on each bag I do so she took initiative and put one on each nursing cover. I love her. She gives me such great ideas for my business. So to get all this done we both were sewing all day Friday. Poor Luke was running through the rooms upstairs like a madman to keep himself entertained. He would steal my long plastic quilting ruler and pretend that it was a guitar - he'd strum it and run around singing at the top of his lungs! I have no idea how he knows what a guitar is, much less that you are suppose to strum it while singing along. haha He's such a funny kid. Anyways, I had to stay up until 2 am Friday night/Saturday morning to get the bags done. I then was up at 7 am to be at the craft fair by 9am. Colleen and I were there from 9-3pm. Christina joined up later in the day. It was a very very small craft fair and both of us didn't do so well. She at least sold one piece. I didn't sell anything. Everyone that came was old. So they didn't need a nursing cover and trendy bags. They all bought food. It was funny. But the point is that I'm glad I did it nonetheless. I got good experience and I'm still optimistic about starting up my business. And hey, now I have some bags and nursing covers to put up on Etsy. Woohoo! ;)Oh and I'll post pics soon of the bags and covers.


Dani said...

Your kids are so cute! I love their little smiles.

That is cool that you are making bags and nursing covers. I have been looking for a nursing cover. Maybe I will buy one of yours. Let me know how much and what they look like.

Mama J said...

Fun pictures! Can't wait to see the pics of the bags and covers! Oh and I'll send you an email of what I'm doing with the camera. Not much too it, just experimenting and getting to know the camera and it's features! And let me know when you start your etsy shop!

David and Shelly said...

Hey, I thought I heard you guys talking about a craft fair today. I was kind of out of it, not getting much sleep these days...Thank you so much, again, for the bag you made me. I know it took you a lot of time and I love it!

Leach Family said...

HI Nicole! Thank you for the Happy Birthday to Manoah! Yeah I think I found you via Shara's blog or something! I'm glad I did too! Your kiddos are so cute! Love Lydia's smily pictures! As for where we live now, I live in Colorado Springs, Co. email me sometime or something:

Talk to you soon! ~Robin