Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Virginia trip with sweet hubby

I've just had the BEST last couple days! My hubby called me about 2 weeks ago and said he was going to VA for a work conference for a couple days....so guess who got to go visit with him?! Yep, me and Kate. It was so great to be back with him. I can see why Heavenly Father made families necessary for us to grow and progress and become like Him. I love my sweet hubby. He met me at the airport with a huge bouquet of flowers. Can you say, adorable?! ;) I arrived on Wed night and left Sunday morning. We had 3 full days together and it was SO worth all the money it took to make it happen. hahaha. He was suppose to work 8-5 on Thurs and Fri but we got a fun surprise when he came home early from work on Fri at only 10am! We spent a few days on Virginia beach which was beautiful. Matt bought a nice skim board and had fun trying it out. I had fun watching him and his hott body. hahahah. Nice farmer's tan though. lol. We spent Saturday at Colonial Williamsburg and had fun experiencing life in the 1700s. Like I said, it was a great, much needed trip/break for mommy. And to top it off, Kate was a perfect angel during the 3 flights it took to get there and back. *sigh, best trip ever!

General George Washington's church pew in Williamsburg
VA capitol in Williamsburg

Wig shop

Yorktown with Ms. Liberty

Beautiful moon shots on VA beach

Woo woo, hott stuff! ;)

Governor's mansion

Simply the most adorable baby shot, ever!


Janice said...

What a wonderful trip! I'm so glad you got to go. And you have an adorable daughter, BTW!

The Ainas said...

Kate is adorable!!! :) So glad you got to see your hubby for a while! I can't even imagine!

Karen said...

YAY! I'm so glad you got to see Matt. We have the 6 weeks officer training after Kevin's graduation and I'm already starting to wonder how that will go.

Karen said...
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Karen said...

And, you look wonderful.

Debby said...

How fun! So glad you were able to have a great time with your hubby. Kate is such a cutie!

Janelle said...

Been waiting for a recap! Sooooo excited for you. Glad things worked out. It's good to see pics of you two together.

PS. Are you having a b-day party for Lukas? When?

Rob and Christina Watson said...

You look so cute Nicole!! And your kids are adorable too of course! Miss you guys!

Martines Family said...

way fun! I love Williamsburg! It is my favorite place. We try to go there every year for my Birthday! Looks like way fun with just hubby and new little baby Kate.
You look great! Miss you!