Friday, April 15, 2011

One step closer

You know its kind 0f crazy that I still have not officially graduated from college. I have 3 more general education classes to finish. Last Aug I got a scholarship for military spouses which purchased my last 3 classes via BYU Independent Study. I have one year to complete them (however you can purchase a 2-3 month extension). So I have to complete them by Aug 5th. Unless I purchase extensions and then it will be Oct or Nov 5th. With Matt gone and me having lots of free time when the kids are asleep as well as free babysitters galore while living with family, I decided its high time to get graduated! Don't you agree?!

I'm going to document my progress here so I'm responsible to more people than just myself.

I'm currently finishing my Political Science 202 Western Political Heritage class. I finished 9 lessons and their respective quizzes online as well as took the midterm. All within the last 2 weeks. I have 9 more lessons and quizzes and the final. I'm half way done with having 1 class down. I'm pretty proud of myself. ;)


Janelle said...

That's awesome!! Keep it up and in my opinion, don't extend....Just do it and get 'er done :)

Hey, are you back in Sac, yet? I'll send you an email since I'm coming to town in a little while.

Lana said...

Awesome! Go. Nicole!!! Go. Nicole!!!

Sorry I didn't get to see you in utah, it was crazy busy.

Karen said...

Go you!! That's awesome. I'm glad it's working out for you. That's wonderful.

Debby said...

Yeah! Good Luck with your classes. You are so close to having that degree. Hang in there, you can do it!

Janice said...

Way to go Nicole!

Bri said...

good for you! I know you'll do great.