Saturday, February 6, 2010


So there's ANOTHER big blizzard here in good ol' MD. Very strange compared to last year. We only had one major snow storm that accumulated 12 inches tops and that was in March. We've already had 3 major ones this year with the first accumulating 18 inches! The second was last Saturday and it got 12 inches. Church was canceled because of it. Between yesterday and today they forecast between 20-28 inches! However it seems more like 12 so far. Wonder if they will cancel church tomorrow. I really hope not. People here are crazy when it comes to snow. They all rush to the stores to stock up on random stuff and leave work early (or get a hotel) just to not have to drive in what I think is very mild snow weather. Although, I do think it is smart to avoid driving in the snow but canceling school 3 days this last week even when it WASN'T snowing at the time but just because it had snowed or was going to snow. Puh-lease people. Okay, really its not a big deal I just think its funny after living in snow town Provo.

Anyways, here's another thing to complain about: A couple months ago my tooth starting hurting. One that had a root canal already done and a permanent filling put in (but not a crown yet). I went in and found out it needed to be re-treated for that root canal. Lame. Luckily I had it done in cheaper UT during Christmas vacation. However, it was still $320 my part. Ouch. Then I went in to get a crown 2 days ago. I thought oh the most for this would be $350 maybe $380......Nope a grand total of $501.50!!!! Yes, my part. That's even with insurance paying 50%. Man, that just SUCKS! ***Note, I've VERY VERY VERY grateful that we have insurance to pay at least half or life would really really suck. And I'm glad for my overall health. BUT just to warn you all who are thinking of getting your dentist to do your root canal (if he does do them), DON'T!!! I've had 3. 2 were done by an Endodontist (root canal specialist) and one was done by my general dentist....Guess who's it was that needed the re-treatment (aka lots more money for me to spend fixing his bang up job)???? Yep, the dentists. Now I will only go to a specialist, even if it is a little extra.

On a happier note, Matt brought me breakfast in bed. Yumm. Sweet man. Now he's outside with Lukas making an awesome snow man. Lukas is in heaven and so am I. ;) Hope you all are warm and happy on this good Saturday!


txmommy said...

I hate the dentist!

I'm glad you had a lovely breakfast in bed though, that is sah-weet!

matt and michelle ray said...

It's like we're living parallel lives! I just wrote a very similar post, only instead of dental complaints I had pregnancy ones.

And my Matt brought me breakfast in bed on Friday!