Monday, May 4, 2009


We had the missionaries over for dinner 2 weeks ago. Lukas just immediately bonded with, get this, Elder "our last name" (no relation that we know of)! Then they came over again tonight for dinner and once again it was all about "the" Elder. haha. Luke wouldn't sit on Matt's lap. He had to sit on "the" Elders'. Anyways, we had to take a pic of the Elders with Luke and "the" Elders' extra name tag pinned on him. ;)

"the" Elder, Luke, Elder Swain

Seriously he was being so stinky and wouldn't smile for me. Yet 2 seconds later "the" Elder took a pic of him and he smiled like an angel for him! haha.

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Danny Janessa, and Allan said...

Hey its Janessa i hope you don't mind that i found you and now i am a stalker but your kid is so cute! And i hate that they don't pose for the camera.