Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Story time

Lukas sure does love his story time. We always have to read a couple books before naptime and then again before bedtime. He absolutely loves his 2 curious George books and his Cat in the Hat book. He can have us read them to him over and over again. Well, a couple nights ago Matt was lying on the ground on a pillow reading a book. I heard him whisper to me (I was sitting on the couch talking to my parents) to look at Lukas. I watched him grab a pillow and put it next to Matt on the ground, go get his Curious George book and then proceed to lay down on his tummy just like Matt was to read his book. SO CUTE! Here's a pic of my little guy..well he isn't so "little" anymore. ;) (I don't know why this text is all underlined but I can't get it off and I'm not about to re-type this whole story). Ok and I just have to add this adorable pic of Lydia. It was taken about 2 weeks ago. I can't believe my little girl is already 2 months. We have her 2 month check-up this Thursday. I'm pretty proud of myself that it is only a week and a half late/after her 2 month birthday instead of like the 2-3 weeks late that it would always end up being with Lukas. ;) She looks a lot pudgier in this pic than she really is.


Heather said...

It makes you realize what examples we are to our children... They are cute pictures.
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Brianna Lee said...

That is an adorable picture of Lydia. I love the big smile.