Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another addition to the family

One week after Lydia was born we welcomed yet another addition to the family - a navy blue 2005 Toyota Sienna LE to be exact. I'm so glad we decided to buy a minivan instead of a full size sedan or a compact SUV. I just love being up high, and not having to bend awkwardly down to get our kids in and out of the back seat. I love the features. I love the smooth ride. And I really love how gas prices are so low that it only costs $35 to fill up my 20 gallon tank. Thank you honey for allowing me this lovely luxury! I strongly encourage anyone even thinking about getting a minivan to get a Toyota Sienna. I certainly love it!
This picture isn't of our car but you get the idea...

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Lively's said...

Nice! I love new cars! It is certainly better than that white geo we had!! I have a grand cherokee, and yes, I agree with the being hi up!! It is so nice!