Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Utah Trip

I really can't believe it has been almost a month since I last posted. Time is flying just a little too fast. Well, from Oct. 2nd - Oct. 11th Luke and I were in Utah visiting family. It was my dad's 50th birthday and my mom bought him a plane ticket to UT to visit his family for it. It was a lot of fun. We stayed at my older brother Brad's new house in Lindon. We had a big family party on my dad's birthday with all his siblings, nieces and nephews, and parents. They all got there between 6:30 and 7pm and didn't leave until almost 1am!!! We had dinner, watched the BYU game, and then played Encore for forever. My dad said it was the most fun he's had in a long time so it was well worth it!

The rest of the week was filled with being sick, buying winter clothes for Luke, new clothes for Lydia, visiting my best friend Shayna, and meeting with the military movers to repack all our stuff that was in storage in Provo and then send them off with it all to PAX River, MD. It was definitely a busy but fun filled week. Everyone in my family got sick. I threw up twice on Monday and then Luke threw up once during the night on Tues and again Wed night. That part definitely stunk but luckily even though we were sick we were still able to get everything done and still managed to have lots of fun. Luke loved being able to run around in such a big house. He also loved playing with all his cousins, especially his 5 year old cousin Porter, who would just run around Luke in circles and flop on the ground just to get a huge laugh out of Luke. Too cute! We definitely miss you guys! Thanks again for all the fun!

Unfortunately, I didn't take hardly any pictures while we were there but here is a few that are cute.

Lukas loved "playing" the wii. He was just trying to copy his cousin Porter the whole time.

Lukas being silly...

My dad and his mom, whom I absolutely adore! I love you grandma!

My dad with all of his grand kids. Left to right: Conner 2 1/2; Porter 5; Samantha 9 months; MaKinzie 14 months; Lukas (hilarious face, huh?) 15 months; and Brooklyn who is almost 3 in Dec. This is mostly for those of you who know my bros. Chad's kids are Conner and Makinzie. Brad's kids are Porter, Brooklyn, and Samantha.

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