Sunday, February 3, 2008

Lukas' First Haircut

So my son is blessed with tons of beautiful hair that many a mom is quite jealous of. ;) Unfortunately, it got a little shaggy this past month and so over an inch had to go. Lukas was quite a trooper and very content to chew on his teething ring while daddy held him, mommy cut, and mommy's friend Shayna took pictures and video to remember the momentous event. I wanted to save a little piece of his hair for his scrapbook (I know cheesy) but Matt made fun of me so I didn't. Later on that week I was talking to my sis-in-law and she asked if I did save some. I told her what happened and that I didn't and she said she still has both of her kids and even her own that her mom saved from when she was a baby! How cool is that?! I immediately regretted not saving some for Lukey. Oh well. I'm sure we'll all survive. *Sniff sniff...
By the way. Before the cut Lukas had dark brown hair. After the cut, blond. I'm sure it will just keep getting lighter and lighter like mine did. He's such a cutie!

The Before pic

I love how scared he looks ;)

And...After! He's adorable, huh?!

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Lindsey Whiting said...

I can't believe how long his hair is?! I love the scared face. He is an extremely handsome little guy. It was fun to watch him rolling over.