Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lukas' 4 1/2 month Check-up

So Lukas had his 4 month check up (2 weeks late of course) on Friday November 30th. He once again had to get 4 shots which I was so nervous about since Matt would not be there with us. Matt was so good at distracting Lukas last time by feeding him sugar water while I had to hold him down while the nurse gave him the shots. This time without Matt I could only hold him down and so he couldn't have the distraction of sugar water so I was nervous that he would scream bloody murder for a long time. I was so relieved when he only cried for seriously like 5 seconds and then was totally fine! Whew! Well, here are his new stats:

15 lbs 11 oz
27.5 inches long

Amazingly, he is only in the 54th percentile for weight. His head circumference and length on the other hand are in the 97th percentile! Yea he's a pretty big boy but not really chunky, just thick! He's such a good baby boy that we really are very lucky parents! Here's a few pics from the day he had this appointment.


the evans said...

See? I didn't think Lukas was THAT big...he's just right. He must have had a growth spurt though because he didn't seem that long when you were here. I love the video too! It's almost funnier that Matt is sleeping through the whole ordeal.

S-K-S said...

Nicole. Its Shara! Your little boy is so cute! Congrats!